Who love's cats?


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I love cats they are real cool animals. These are my 3 cats sunny,nermal(from Garfield) and orange( his eyes were orange when he was little,but he is black) I think cats are great animals,funny when they get cat nip.



giacomo says meow from my lap. she agrees vapes are grrreat... her lap stays more stable w/the vap...hands free aye.

Im an animal guy. all animals. iv had boas, gecos, 25O greyhounds, too many cats, goats, pigs, horses, parrot, seagulls, hummingbirds (still have vid of me saving its life) yes, mouth to beak resusitation.

Iv pick many animal out of deaths grip. make one feel Good inside, aye.


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I like some cats.. I had a cat that was really mellow and chilled out (around family members and some friends) and she was probably the most unique cat I've had... miss her a bit but I've always been a dog person to be honest :) nice pics


cats are awesome because they (well at least my cat) still act like wild animals, are independent and mysterious, and their big versions are the most badass animals alive


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I luuuvvvv cats!!( notice the avatar!) The one I have now is a she-devil, she'll attack you for no apparent reason. Evil!! But she's so friggin' cute, I can't even get mad at her! LOL! She attacks me and I kiss her, which pisses her off more! She's awesome!
Yeah... she's got me wrapped!
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My cats are... Stewart, Emo, Buddy, Ki-Ki, Heifer...and picture below are Maximus and Octavius-- :rasta:
(I like my black pussy clean!! lol!!)

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Cats are the best - I absolutely love watching a cat stalk its prey. The way a cat prepares to charge is also fun to watch. I used to have two bengals (house cats but spotted like leopards) and they were the most loving and entertaining cats I've ever had. We gave them a taste of the outside life and after a while they rarely returned to the house - our prodigal sons.

Dogs love me, but I prefer the less dependent animal.


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Cats are awesome. I have a dozen of my own plus I rescue; I've got a momma with 4 kittens in my spare bathroom right now and several other rescues running around the house. My youngest is on my lap snoozing at the moment, she's about 12 weeks old. She showed up at my front door at about 5 weeks old and looks like a pure-bred Bengal - spotted and absolutely beautiful. I have no idea where she came from.
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2- cats (1- big-frito 1 small- maximus) 2- dogs (purebreed boxer- meghans busta rymes and welsh corgi- dancer cleopatra nell ) 1 rabbit(peter) and 1 fish(scuba steve). Married twenty years two children(5-17). Boxer is the most high maintenence person in the house(dont hear much from the fish,hes pretty quiet).Max (small cat ) we thought was lost (family moved to a new house while i was away working for the summer) both our cats are outdoor cats (they come into the florida room/pool area to eat and hang out but are gone most of the day or night). He was gone for about 40 days my wife and 5 year old daughter were heartbroken (i was also) 2 days after i am home having a toke out back at night here he comes crying at the top of his lungs, he was just skin and bones but is back to his old self now. LOVE ANIMALS AND CHILDREN ITS ADULTS I DONT TRUST


my cat died a couple weeks ago. she was 17 and her kidneys had stopped working, so we were realizing that we'd have to put her down in the next couple days. She walked out of the garden that night and never returned. She went off to die. So sad, but i guess it would have been worse to put her down. I miss her. My dog is too excited by cats so i think i have to hold off on getting another, which SUX because I love cats! I will get another in time, another siamese...


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I have 3 cats and one of them is always trying to get at my plants and rip them apart. But I love them.