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Where is the best import hash in the 'Dam


Mr. Haze, I'm an Amsterdammer as well and big import-hash enthusiast, would love hear your personal opinion on where the best moroccans, and nepalis can be procured in Amsterdam at the moment!

Hope to hear from you happy toking!

moose eater

I haven't been back to the Netherlands in about 20 years or so, but I had two favorite coffee shops there; one in Amsterdam, and another in Arnhem, where I stayed with friends.

In Amsterdam, Rick's Cafe' (closer to Dam Central Station/Square, just off the canal, between the Station and Hotel Rokin, but near the canal. not a fancy place back then, but a nice menu, and fairly honest about the qualities (which vary year to year).

In Arnhem (~70 miles East by Southeast from Amsterdam), there was a pub called Rocky's. Up above there was a shop that also was not fancy (reminded me of a barren 1950s smaller Greyhound bus station, with old-style linoleum tile, etc.). The parrot on the bar played backgammon. (No shit). They had a nice menu, including at least a couple of good Nepalese varieties.

I avoided glitzy shops, instead looking for those with knowledge, a varied menu, etc.

When I would get into a shop with strictly Moroccan or strictly (???/one country of origin) on the menu, I didn't stay long; often a mark of a shop under the thumb of organized folks from THAT country in particular, and obviously lacking in variety.

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