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Where is the best import hash in the 'Dam


From a coffeeshop, Im looking for the high end Moroccan, Nepalese, and if possible Afghan? (haven't found good Afghan in A'dam yet)

Would be nic to get some real Himalayan stuff.


hi Rinse,
i was in amsterdam on new year,u can find some nice quality, but u have to search for it...a lot of crap there...

the Temple Ball (greenhouse) was verý nice really!!

and a small little shop with a lot of green lights on the front of the shop,dont know the name sry maybe 420??
they had some nice charas very tasty!
then i had Hya,and nice caramello but thats it...
no good afghan,
i had to say it was new year and a lot of ppl was in AMS...
maybe the good stuff was sold out
wish u a nice trip
sry my english is very bad:biggrin:


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Bluebird is known for quality black hashesh, would check that out. They pretty much always have some nice, tasty Nepalese.


Bluebird is the place I check out for hash whenever in the Dam. They got some very tasty nepalese and Indian handrub. They usually have a big enough selection to choose from aswell. Probably the most extensive black hash menu in Amsterdam. Enjoy the hunt lad.




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prix d'ami has an afghan on the menu , which is very good. 20euro p gram. But yea , as HOM said , in general its Bluebird you gotta go for import hashies.

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I was in Amsterdam start of December,
The bluebird coffeeshop had afghan water press hash also there cannabis cup import entry

A very nice strong hash



Well, had a nice time trying the different stuff in Dam, Il let you in on some of what I tried:

no pics as only had a shitty phone cam, not too much details as I was smoking a few different strains each day:

- Afghan (5-7 eu per g in many shops)
This Afghan looks good at first glance, but you quickly realize its a low grade product when smoked, due to its weird flavor and weak effect.

- Ketama (3-6 eu per g in many shops)
This is the cheapest Maroc hash going, and for the price its not bad, seams clean compared to the cheap Afghan, but why bother when there are more tasty alternatives.

- Malana Cream (Bluebird, 12.50 eu per 0.8)
Very nice black hash, taste better than a lot of the Nepal hash that sells at a similar price, uplifting and dreamy.

- Nepalese Annap. Pollen (Katsu, 10 eu per 0.7g)
Another nice Black hash, super smooth with an uplifting yet chilled back stone.

- Champaygne (Het ballonetje)
Good Maroc hash with typical taste is all I remember

- Greenhouse rif Cream (Greenhouse, 13.50 per g)
Strong maroc with quite a different taste than usual, far more on the citrus compared to most.

- Red leb (Sheeba, around 10 eu a gram)
I found this a mild smoke compared to maroc hashes of similar price,
but it turned out to be one of my fave smokes because you can smoke it all day without becoming a zombie - a functional high.
Also the smell and taste is quite unique - lemon with something woody, cedar perhaps?
I dont think this a top grade Leb, but makes a nice change of pace.
Possibly it has high CBD.

- Kashmir Special (kashmir lounge, 18 eu per g)
Getting pricey, I remember it being nice smoke and one of the better tasting,
the high more sativa than most black hash. Im guessing this is actual Kashmiri resin not just named so as a house special.

- Hindu Kush Afghan(kashmir lounge, 20 eu per g)
This is the most expensive hash I bought, and I dont regret it,
not only the best Afghan Ive tried but also the best of the trip.
It very soft, even when cool, must be practically oil in Afghanistan.
Super clean body buzz and fresh affie taste is all I can say,
will pound you if you overindulge.
I would recommend this to medicinal users - if you live in Dam or close by, drive on down to kashmir and give it a try, lol.
Would be cool to have someone more experienced rate this hash and confirm it is indeed a high end Afghan similar to what was available in years passed. (@Mriko, @Mr.Haze)?

- Jamaican (Weed, Bluebird, 7.50 eu per 3g)
I tried a few Jamaicans and this is my favourite, earthy smell like a rainforest, good smoke and one of the best deals in Dam.

Kashmir lounge also had some 30eu per g maroc that I could not bring myself to pay, but was tempting to say the least, what looked like a typical blonde turned to oil with a flash of the budtenders lighter.
If anyone has tried that (or any of the stuff I tried) would be great to hear your thoughts.


I would go with the bush doctor, or maybe try out some of the stuff dampkring has to offer...if you go again..
And if you are lucky, Popeye´s might have some white hash they used to sell under the counter..

All the best



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Drooling reading some of these descriptions, I'd pay those Kashmir prices for top grade import hash.


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hiya rinse,,thanks for the report,,,
really looking forward to the hash available in Barcelona and Amsterdam,,,
I can still remember the great hash we had in the 70s,,
nepelese temple ball,,zero-zero,,,red seal black/afgahni,,,the was it or wasn't it opiated black hash,,,,the only weak hash I remember is red leb,,extremely pliable but no strength,,, the better hash commanded £25 a quarter in 78/79,,also remember zero-zero or double zero used to give me very vivid dreams and not always pleasent,,,s2
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