What is your all time favorite incense, flavor or brand?


it's the Nag for #1
Super Hit is darn good but a little heavy
I also love the smell of cedar, lavender, as well as sage smudge sticks
Classyathome said:

It's what hippies and strippers used to smell like

HAHAHAhahaha Classyathome I used to smell of patchulli back in the day and I wasn't a stripper! I also like the Patchoulli, Nag Champa, Jasmine and Ocean Breeze Incence!



#1 Balsam Pine cone i the little log cabin
#2 Nag Champa

I still wear Patchoulli
For my crew, the Nag is king. My favorite brand of Nag Champa comes in a red box, forget the name, but it's made by a womens collective in India. It has a green apple note to it that is really good. I don't like to buy the Srinivas Sughandalaya brand anymore, that "Baby Snakes" era Roy Estrada-looking guru dude on the box bums me out. "But I got the crystal ball!". Yeah, and a fleet of Maybachs and a gold toilet too, I'll bet. Not on my dime.

My girlfriend doesn't like the Nag, so we burn mainly white sage, and myrrh and loban sticks. I like 'em all.

I dig patchouli a lot too, but she shares Patton Oswalt's opinion on that - "smells like dirt that's been fucked by a hobo".
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Our house smells like Nag Champa and Pot ♠


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I get a Rose incense from dawnhorsepress.com that is absolutely amazing. Sweet, complex, oily... it's the kind of incense where you burn half a stick at a time and it's still lingering in the air 3 days later. It's not cheap perfumy stuff, either... it's aged, hand-rolled and it's great. Best rose incense I've ever smelled, my Indian friends' imports be damned.

They also make one called Holy Cat that smells like vanilla-chai-sandalwood-spice... again it's really complex and not perfumy at all. If Sandalwood is your thing, theirs is also great. Very sweet-smelling.


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Whatever is on sale at the discount store.

The yak shit one smells okay I guess...


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nag champa, super hit....gonesh #4, 6 qnd 8...getting into some different resin incense here pretty soon...


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nag champa mostly followed by #6,8 and #10 gonesh....Hey I grew up in chicago, and gonesh...


I just saw this and i gotta light up some Rani Hindu Incense in the Sandalwood variety... this particular box is from 1974 and comes in cones not sticks... 22 cones for 32 cents... not too bad considering its lasted so damn long and has been so beautiful the enitre time... this is the best example of what a real good sandalwood is... not to be fucked with haha

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