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What happened to US Bongs?

Walter Chronic

New member
I like glass don't get me wrong but,sometimes I dont't
like how fragile they can be.
Growin up uzin a No.4(think thats rt.) bong from US Bongs
so, Im partial IGuess
anyway,the newer plastics all crack after a few monrhs use
what's up w/this ans the lack of good acrylic?


I don’t have any answers for ya bro, but I have been wondering the same thing. I remember US Bongs was the bomb back in the day. The first acrylic bongs that I know of. They were very successful in my neck of the woods in the 70’s. Back then the only other bongs I saw were ceramic. A friend of mine had one that I really liked…hard to describe, but I’ll try. It was probably 10 or 12 inches and clear acrylic with a one hit bowl. If you looked down on it, it was a horizontal oval shape and I believe it was slightly curved down like a frown. I think they all had one hit bowls, but you could take the bowl off of your metal pipe and screw it on there for a “party bowl”…


Active member
U.S. Bongs used to have a place right off I-270 just north of Rockville, MD. I remember driving up the highway and seeing the huge sign on the building. Was really awesome to see it lit up at night.. a huge "US BONGS". I believe they went out of business when MD passed their anti-paraphernalia law.

To this day, I still have and prefer my 18" straight tube. Nothing in my 30+ years of smoking has been able to deliver a huge clean hit that I could hold without my lungs feeling like they were being coated with resin. Unfortunately, I've not had anything to use in it in a long time now.

I used to own one of their largest models, the Capitol Hill. Man was that thing a monstrosity of tubes and chambers! They used nice 1/8" thick acrylic, not the cheap 1/16" crap used these days. The wooden sleeve with threaded insert that slipped on the stem allowed you to put any standard threaded bowl on from a one-hit to a party bowl on it.



Parker Schnobel
They were great,I had a US2 and a Capitol Hill.The US2 fit perfectly into a metal toolbox,and when I customized my van I made a hiding spot for the Capitol Hill.:):)
I had a U.S. Bong back in the early 80's. Don't remember the model but it was about 7 inches tall, clear with one hit bowl. I kept it behind the seat of my Yota 4x4. Great for taking bong rips on the freeway!


. . . anyway,the newer plastics all crack after a few monrhs use
what's up w/this ans the lack of good acrylic?
Bing "Very Thick Acrylic Bong" -- I just bought the bubble model from a Dutch site. A review said it passed the "pissed off girlfriend" test.
I like it but the carb hole seems located for a lefty and the base needs to be glued on.

Rabbi Reefer

I just remembered that at one point they did have short-lived website, usbongs.com but they were only selling original stock of the posters...no bongs.


sanjuan is it a tobaccomaster?

or I bet it's one of those 3 color bubble gripped ones, either way they are both thick as hell


sanjuan is it a tobaccomaster?

or I bet it's one of those 3 color bubble gripped ones, either way they are both thick as hell
No name that I know of; it came in rasta color scheme with matching green anodized bowl/stem.
It is so thick (1/4") the soft plastic mouthpiece doesn't quite fit right--wrinkles on inner diameter. The acryl is rounded at the top so it's very comfortable without the extra plastic.

There is also a thick "egg" model in the same colors but mine looks more stable (but maybe isn't because the tube is angled out from the bubble base).


if it smells like fish
their all made in china now ...lol.... yeehaw..I had quite a few of their bongs even one that was like a freaking racetrack...pipes ,hoses, chambers everywhere..ahhh the old days...


New member
old tokemasters (tobaccomasters) & u.s bongs

old tokemasters (tobaccomasters) & u.s bongs

hey everyone..i just registered and saw the thread about old us bongs...me and my friend were sitting around the other day smoking some and talking about the old us bongs..i did a google search on us bongs and guess what?..looks like someone is trying to rekindle the flame of the brand...they just made a website..prices weren't even up yet...they renamed the old classics like the us 1 and us freedom and changed them to names something close...the bongs look close to the old thing...but who knows?
I always liked the us bong collection i probably did a hit from like 8-10 different types they produced...the mini ripper they made which fit in the pocket was excellent for the bus stop before high school..lol...then the capital hill which was like mentioned earlier...a colossal contraption and also a piece of art!!! my favorite is the us 2 ..which was if anyone has used one a smooth hit and a fun experience using it also!! there was the freedom...the ice age,the Watergate,...us 1 us 2 ...etc...they all had the us bongs sticker up at the top (near your mouth in front)
as far as tokemasters which is now called tobaccomaster..they are the best bongs ever made..the 18 inch called the secretary and then the big daddy..the exectutive which was 21 inches tall..nothing but a straight clear acrylic tube..had a dot on back for proper water level...these are the best bongs ever made..simple and effective..,,the tobaccomaster is a weak attempt to remake a classic but to me it failed...i own a tobbacomaster but only because i cant buy a real tm anymore...
I have resorted to buying clear acrylic tubing on ebay and building my own bongs...i am making a us 2 in a week when all my supplies come..if it works maybe i will make a website and sell them ...call em usa bongs..use a likeness of myself as uncle sam holding the old us 1....what do you all think....or uncle scotts bongs=us bongs .....anyway just wanted to chime in on the old us bong thing i was shocked someone is trying to remake the old great classics..that all the new stuff is based off of...just history repeating!!!! toke it easy.....tm


New member
I'm with you brother.
I've been makin my own retro pieces for years.
Good to hear someone else has a passion for the classics.
The 70s was a great time to partake.
Here are two of my most recent.



New member
I am from the UK so maybe that is why I never heard of US bongs, but it is really cool to see everyone talking so highly about them, It feels like a shame they went out of business.

I normally buy cheap bongs because I don't know of any bongs worth spending lots of money on.

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