What are you watching right now?

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GOT was heavy... people I watched it with, including myself, were blown away and needed some alone time to process what happened.. we get pretty attached to the characters :) .. Other than that... I'm on episode 9 of Hemlock Grove on Netflix... stuck in a rut with it really... Trying to power through the next 4 episodes so I can see WTF is happening.. saw the new Will Smith movie at the theater.. didn't realize it was an M. Night Shamalyam deal until the credits.. interesting premise, great visual effects but, lots of plot holes and some other stuff made it barely watchable... wish I could find something on Netflix right now.. Arrested Development really isn't my thing.. SUPER PSYCHED about Man of Steel in two weeks.

Any netflix hints from anyone?


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im REALLY trying to like this new daft punk album....
I feel like it's ahead of it's time by being cheezy .... but then im a firm believer that the future will be pretty fake & cheezy on the surface....
Just can't get into disco.... right now

but im watching this anyhow:

"loose ur self to dance" daft punk.... sweet american bandstand video, some good shit, even if the music is cheezy...

also been checkin La Roux....
my soft spot for female perfomers....

maybe if daft punk just had a cute as hell front chick....
totally against their whole vibe, fuck it, laroux is stlyish and the music aint terrible
^la roux vid

Edit: i do realize she's basically like a brittish lady ga-ga, kinda.
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The new Cheech and Chongs Animated Movie is next!


To Escape the Usuall Pollution i find when Watching The TV For a Short time..
Peppa Pig !!! :D

Way More Sensible/Educational :D


Yeah I prefer to watch series once the whole season has come out, saves me from suspense, unless the whole thing ends on a cliffhanger hahaha


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Fight Club is a good one to see more than once. I'm watching an Elvis movie marathon. Just saw Kid Galahad and Frankie and Johnnie.
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