What Are You Watching Right Now Pt II.......


Stems Analyst
Men in Black

john carpenter, early james cameron homage

also with lance reddick


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Done that with a 10/22 rifle, doesn't work as well with revolvers though.
Silencers don´t work with revolvers in general because of the design. No matter how silenced the barrel is, there´s always room between it and the cylinder, which is enough for gases and sound to go thru.
Also, .357 is loud and not optimal for silencing anyways.
Also, they did a piss poor job with the duct taping.
Also, it´s a plastic bottle. Only works in video games and Hollywood. Coke or Pepsi, both kinda suck.

Dr. Pepper bottles are 13,37% more silent anyways...............

Other than that, no complaints on the video.