What Are You Eating Right Now!!!

Rocky Mtn Squid

Vietnamese Pho.......:smoke:




moose eater

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A skillet casserole made with a chicken sauce with a base of unsweetened almond milk, combined with chopped and browned uncured bacon dry-brined with maple syrup, chopped boneless, skinless chicken thighs, browned with the bacon and chopped yellow onions, then sauteed organic cremini mushrooms with organic broccoli flowerets, white pepper, red pepper, garlic and sea salt, mixed in with rotini pasta sourced from chickpeas/garbanzos/rams' heads. Added some Tapatio red sauce to it, and it's pretty damned tasty.

moose eater

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Homemade pizza, with whole wheat New York style crust (lots of extra gluten and olive oil in the dough), homemade sauce (organic tomato sauce, organic tomato paste, red wine vinegar, maple syrup, touch of molasses, oregano, sweet basil, California granulated garlic, granulated onion, sea salt, black pepper, and a bit of olive oil), topped with mozzarella cheese, Italian sausage, sliced onion, organic cremini mushrooms, sliced jalapeno and Serrano peppers, and a dabbling of fresh goat cheese o the very top, along with parmesan cheese, then baked at 485-495 f.

moose eater

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Moose Eaters Brick Oven Trattoria - opening soon, I hope.
I still owe my wife a sauna and an outdoor old-school, brick, mortar and stone, wood-fired, stand-alone, bread and pizza oven.

Years ago, I cooked/prep cooked/worked at a counter-culture-meets-sports-bar pizza, sandwich, beer and wine joint that would later become a music venue. As the former sports and hippie bar, yes, LOTS of drugs were sold and ingested there, while bets were being placed with bookies over the same telephone(s); nearly got me in deep shit. (*If you're dealing a lot, DON'T use the same phones that the local bookies are into; bad idea altogether... for obvious reasons). I made more money there on coke and weed, along with a bit of acid and speed, than I ever did cutting onions, pepperoni sticks or mushrooms, lemme' tell ya'. :)

But while I loved cooking for many years, and it brought back the happier times of growing up, with good smells in the air, etc., I'd listen to those who would encourage finding what you love to do, and doing it for a living, and that would, in those persons' opinions, be the bets of all worlds.

I had a different take on that. I had seen the public get all prissy over minute bullshit, and figured that if I were to cook professionally, in any kind of environment that required speed, and I had to deal with unappreciative customers, it'd likely kill my love of cooking, so I stayed away from it.

My older son's dream (one of many, but a primary focus over the last bunch of years) has been to put together a food truck, which, from my looking, would require a bare minimum investment to purchase something decent and functional, would be around $30,000+, and that would still leave out inspections, business licenses, insurance on the rig and business, etc.

But if the reaper doesn't take me out any time in the immediate future, there'll be a wood-fired sauna (12' x 16' including the dressing/change room), and a stand-alone brick, stone and mortar pizza and bread oven in the back yard.

Pictures of tonight's pizza effort coming soon... I hope..
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Well Moose, once you get that sauna/pizza oven built, I'll still expect a rustic, burnt wooden sign to be displayed as "Moose Eaters Brick Oven Trattoria" in your yard. No need to ruin a passion by trying to make it into business. Simply put, do what makes you happy and don't let anything ruin that.

As for the the sauna, don't forget the birch branches because I hear that compliments the experience well! Do you have a cold body of water to jump into afterwards for the plunge? I think this is the Russian Banya method, but I'm not sure if its common elsewhere where saunas are popular like in Finland.

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No freezing pool to dive into here, other than during Spring break-up, at the bottom of our property, there's a low spot that the drainage runs into, and we get a sort of pond that lasts less than a month; about 3 weeks, really.

We used to carve an ice swimming pool into the 4-5 ft.-thick ice there in Carcross Yukon Territory, Canada, at the Hippie school, and when you got near the bottom of the ice tub, take a poker and plunge through just enough to allow the lake's water pressure to fill the tub, and another student there would carve steps into the pool out of the ice. Truly exhilarating.

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Anyone familiar with cajun bell peppers? They are mostly sweet, but also have a little zing to it. Just planted them today, but I can't wait to start cooking with them.


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have you tried the Mt. Olive "sweet heat" jalapeno peppers? i love 'em... eat a dang jar of them every week or so with nacho salads & chili.:woohoo:
don´t know if I have ever tried those. Our supermarket merely has jalapenos...
americans seem have a much larger range of produce to choose from :(