What Are You Eating Right Now!!!


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Once they have a wagyu bull to breed to another cow they can call it American wagyu or irish wagyu or wherever wagyu. Sneaky ****s.

That makes sense.i doubt those guys give their cows beer every day cause that's supposed to cause all that nice marbling.the meat industry is pretty dirty.you ever see " glued meat" a while back in the UK? Fucking bullshit.still haven't tried the burgers! Lol when I cook them I can take pics if anyone is curious.$5 bucks for American Wagyu definitely got my attention! Lol
Baby back ribs, 3+hrs in the smoker , glazed with chipolte honey


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i noticed that. i used to eat a LOT of mallards/wood ducks. great stuff. what is this i keep reading about foods cooked in duck fat? any body under all of those feathers?:yummy:

hippy , it's truly a life changing experience to roast spuds in the stuff . even a leg of lamb cooked in it is a wonderous thing .
fatty as fuck and the stuff will kill you by stealth but it's all about living , isn't it .
just had pork spareribs and a potato salad .. then a lamington . aussie one of course !:D


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My dad's girlfriend just bought a duck cause my uncle wants it for thanksgiving.he says the duck fat is good but I'm not so sure.i bought some lamb chops so it's definitely gonna be a greasy Thanksgiving lol


5 oz. 92% lean ground sirloin patty, topped with a large-ish mound of raw broccoli sprouts (for the sulforaphane), and dressed on top with some spicy brown mustard (for the yellow mustard powder therein that reportedly helps to activate the sulforaphane), and reduced sugar catsup, as it helps to mellow the contrasts of the mustard, sprouts, and ground sirloin.

Not bad. Even better with a grapefruit seltzer as a chaser..


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My dad's girlfriend just bought a duck cause my uncle wants it for thanksgiving.he says the duck fat is good but I'm not so sure.i bought some lamb chops so it's definitely gonna be a greasy Thanksgiving lol
You never had a steak until you have one covered in duck fat and BBQ'd.



wow moose that sounds damn good. you clearly know a lot about nutrition. are you a dr rhonda patrick fan by chance?

Thanks Billy.

No, not familiar with the Doc you referenced.

My wife has put a fair bit of stock into a Canadian medical outlet's publications on-line that involves perspectives re. cholesterol, carbohydrates, fasting, etc., and that's been helpful in 'accurizing' some of the information represented by raw lab data, following blood draws, and such.

Most of what I've learned about nutrition has come as a matter of necessity; allowing my excesses to put me into positions of needing to learn what I need to do in order to undo the outcomes I've created over time. :laughing:

Diabetes made it necessary to learn about carbohydrates and the body's conversion of sugars, as well as how whole grain items can often have greater carb counts, but actually process more slowly, which is why they're often healthier/safer, despite having greater raw carb numbers in many cases.

Yesum turned me (and others) onto the broccoli sprouts as a miracle food, and source of sulforaphane. I was skeptical about them, but we did our research, and they are apparently the real deal.... and for more than just persons with cancer.

(**Cancer was my most recent teacher re. meat proteins, and cancer thriving on them... BUMMER!!! For a LONG time I engaged in a routine or habit of having one slice of sprouted grain bread and ONE hard-boiled egg for breakfast, along with a fair bit of good coffee. Then I found out my cancer likes my eggs, cheese, cream, beef, pork, chicken, and various sea food at least as much as I do!!! And the coffee reportedly isn't helping a great deal either!!!).

Anyway, once the information re. the broccoli sprouts was made more clear to us, then more reading led to the information about what helps to activate the sulforaphane.

"Must is the motivator" was the saying on the river, years ago, and especially during winter. Seems that "must is the motivator" is still a primary propellant in my learning curves. :tiphat:


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I had some longjohn silvers fried fish and hushpupy.i gotta say it was good and I don't think it was the booze talking.not bad at all.fries we're good too.havent had it in over 20 years.funny story


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I ordered up some kid goat for delivery, it cost 80 euro for 5kg delivered to your door .
Sounds a bit expensive, the farmer is well known and respected in the area, and his animals have the finest of pastures for grazing on.

He also sells mixed meat boxs which have goat, venison, veal, mutton, and beef.
150 euro for a10kg mixed box.
I went with the goat this time, i might get the mixed box for Xmas.

I have a nice curry spice paste I made so once the goat is here I will rub that into it along with some lemon juice to help tenderise it and leave it over nite in the fridge...
It will be going into the slower cooker then for 5-6hrs, the meat should be falling of the bone By that stage.


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Making homemade KFC. Chicken pieces in a buttermilk/egg soak and then into the 11 herbs & spices + flour. They are resting now before the fry.


hey moose if you get a minute check her out. she has the uncanny ability to dumb down technical info into lay mans terms. it was her that first introduced me to broccoli sprouts. https://www.foundmyfitness.com/about-dr-rhonda-patrick maybe you could share your link to the website your wife gets info from?

Thanks Billy. We'll give it a peek in a bit..

Black winter blend coffee, grapefruit seltzer water, RO/DI water with lime juice....

and about 1/3 of last evening's uncured pastrami ruben sandwich, with sprouted rye seed bread, a small amount of mayonnaise, moderate amounts of horse radish, several slices of the pastrami, fair amount of decent sauerkraut, and Jarlsberg Swiss cheese, broiled open-face under the broiler until the edges of the cheese are just turning golden brown.