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Welcome to the IC Strain Guide Forum!


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I created this forum so ppl can provide feedback and suggestions for improving the IC Strain Guide. Our goal is to have the most complete strain guide anywhere, and with your help we are doing that! :)

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the guide, and those who were patient while we fixed the bugs!

Now how can we make it better?

The IC Strain Guide can be found under the Site Menu

You can also click on User Menu/My Strains to see your own bookmarked strains.


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The strains should be organized by the type of high they give. The body stones under one listing and the head highs on the other..... then the mixes of body and head high. The smell should also be listed for each strain also.

I am looking for a half and half mix maybe a little more body and its hard, there are so many strains...


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Hello all I would like to see some Star Trek seed strains. I just wondered if anyone was growing any here.


An advanced search would be nice considering all the crosses that are coming out. Does the existing search use boolean?


yeah i would like to know if the search uses boolean as well


i have a lot of info on strains are you guys looking for sometin like this.......


BC Big Bud
mostly indica
origin: Oregon/British Columbia

"BC Big Bud is a stabilized 65%Indica 35%Sativa The Dutch Big Bud (sensi) is all indica.
BC Big Bud has tremendous, resin and a citrusy scent. Usually only available in clone (hence the crosses its usually the female in those Romulan x BC Big Bud or Mikado x BC Big Bud)

.........with much much more


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Skip, This is a novel idea. But before any more effort goes in to a project. What gets me is the amount of disinformation the cannabis community imposes upon itself. What we don't have are knowledgeable breeders or buyers. There are only 4 strains. (Indica, Sativa, Hemp and Ruderalis) We as breeders are not creating strains. We do use the term strains to loosely. We are making hybrids, Yes I understand it's only a word being used incorrectly. But if we are to be trusted in our works. Shouldn't we make every effort to set the example?
Just my thoughts. I wish you the best !