Weed in Cyprus?


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In 2 months I plan to have a vacation in Cyprus. (3-4 days)
We will probably land in Larnaca and catch a bus to Paphos where the hotel is.

Anyone have any input on what can I get there and where? How much is normal to pay there?
Does smoking gear sold around commonly or should I bring my own?

Any input on marijuana in Cyprus is appreciated :tiphat:
Drug Laws in Cyprus are severe.

You'll find what you need in the night-club areas,
but my advice is don't - you won't be coming back anytime soon.


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I see :X
Anyone flied with air-cyprus? their security check seems like it would catch anything?
Security in any airport, esp European, is sh!t-hot.

I have seen the scanners for myself - first-hand - it can see bud through anything.
I could even see my whiskey labels in 3D - really.


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I got away with mj seeds with their original package from Amsterdam to Israel, flying with an israeli company. And their pretty darn thorough as they suspect anyone is a terrorist.

Well, I'll probably just mix some hash with banana chips so it will look like chocolate chunks. I wanna see someone suspect that!
Shit, ruined my secret. Well, I got all other sorts of other ideas :D

Do they actually bother to scan the suitcases that go to the storage part of the airplane?

Putting weed on you when you go to an airport tight search IS pretty darn stupid.


Fonzee...no problems in europe carrying a bit of personal. I never go through an airport without my stash. Even beyond europe shouldnt be a problem. only 2 times I came close was in Atlanta airport usa in 98 and again in JFK in 2005. just dont act like your a smuggler. Most naysayers have never even tried it. Give it socks.


Bring 4-5 grams of hash in your mouth :)

Your problem is likely to be customs, not airport security; I suggest to put the hash in your underpants while passing through security when u fly out, and then as you land and prepare to go through customs u put the hash in ur mouth in 0.5 gram pieces - make sure u carry something to drink so u can swallow without too much hassle.

Don't get caught smoking in Cyprus though, the laws are really bad.


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Damn, i'm in the same position as Fonzee. I'm from Canada visiting Limassol for a month because there is some family that live here. I can't seem to find any weed/or hash at all! It sucks so bad! I dont understand why, the weather is perfect like it can grow anywhere due to so much sun haha.
If anyone knows any areas in limassol where theres bound to be people smoking ganj please please let me know!! Havent toked in a month now and one more month left on this island before i go back to Canada and smoke a bunch of gool ol canadian herb haha!

I hail from the Island of Aphrodite - Cuz Cyprus has been trying to get into the EU for ages - even to the point for years making Cyprus/Europe tourists gifts when they were not in the EU - they have been trying to align their laws with ours - they were especially tough about it as they did not want their Famagusta issue to cloud their entry into the EU.

Unannounced, after many many years of being able to ride scooters without helmets, the Cypriot Police confiscated every scooter upon which the rider was not wearing a helmet - again in line with European law - and it upset the locals immensely.

So the same goes for drugs - and believe me, Cypriot Jail is tough. Not only do you get the pleasure of the local gorilla, but also in a cell in stifling heat with no air con, no showers, etc. If it was me, I'd rather go without weed and go for the cheap alcohol instead.

The Cypriot Police are also heavy on the night club front.

Despite all that, I do wish you an excellent time there - I wish I was going again.


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Thanks for the reply Balarama67,

I understand where your getting at. Such a shame to know that many parts of the world still view cannabis as a threat/problem. I come from Toronto, Canada. In Canada I grow, and smoke in the most public places and everything is so relaxed. Although marijuana is still illegal in Canada, it's not looked down upon and it's use is quite tolerated. Here in Limassol, i've been adventuring the city for a while now and haven't ran into any people smoking weed, not even people around my age (20).
Is it because theres just a shortage of weed grown in cyprus because of the laws? Since it's a island i imagine theres a lot of smuggling of it here? I think i forgot how weed even smells after not smoking for a month haha!
What about on the turkish side of Cyprus? Are the laws as strict? I've known many Turkish people in Canada that say a lot of them use ganj.
Thanks for the heads up! Might as well go get hammered drunk then! haha!


i dont take my mj out there

but my mate does. he has his ways

i suggest you find yours

i myself am cypriot, so i can normally find what im looking for, though its not an easy task
v1aaa - I really am very pleased to make your acquaintance with a compatriot.

waytoodank - the Turkish/North side used to and still does I think close at about 5pm - if you get caught out there after time the only way back to South Cyprus/Limassol is via Turkey I am reliably informed although I have yet to hear of a first hand account of such a misfortune. I imagine you will find it's who you know on the Turkish side as I read recently in the last couple of months they have installed a new (Prime Minister) that that is pro-partition (north/south divide) and anti-western.

I think v1aaa's comments are particularly valid.

Happy Holidays!


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Thanks for all the information!
I guess I'll keep my stash to a very minimum. Probably to edibles only as I believe they would be much less likely to be caught.

Any word on booze around there? Should I be able to find some proper rum and beer around Paphos for a decent price or should I pack up in Lancara?
There are a number of edibles which are banned - different ones for different countries - don't put your stash in a banned edible!

Booze - simple. Drink as much as heroicly possible after the sun has gone down. Water at all other times, esp if hot. I exceeded my spirits allowance by double in my hand luggage and they were happy to wave it through with a big smile. That was before joining the EU and also with the economic worries today they may well charge excess fees as that is revenue for the govt. If poss ask the holiday reps what the score is.


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Oh yes! And the best price too! 30 euros/gr:mad: What a rip off!!!

Yes but this depends really where you are in Cyprus!

You can get really dirty weed for much more if you don't care but can get really nice weed for lower price. This really depends on the City/Location and the Person you ask!