WALKING THE GREEN MILE ...eating of gold cutlery



I removed pics guys , we moving into new phase and its out with the old in with the new ,
don't be discouraged its really only the brothers that come to the thread so we all know its safety first , the Wild West is no place to be complacent .

flower shots is what we really want anyway .,....and the odd plant pic ....

but there wont be long too wait ;) it will be better than mike Tysons come back I promise


hey beanz. How about some updates. I know you've got a lot on your plate. Things must be coming along well. I am still trying to sort out my woes with Seedbay desperately hoping for some of your stock. Hope all is well. Thanks


Puffin Herbs
How's it going beans you still growing some of that killer malawi? I'm gearing up for another outdoor season I hope yours went well. Learn anything new? I got some of that jager Malawi, black lime Reserve, silver lotus x black lime Reserve vegging for an indoor project right now. Can't wait to see how they turn out. Also one of my phenos outdoor of the pink Lotus x black lime Reserve ended up with some nice Bud that smells super terpy with a nice lime smell.

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