Wailing Valley


Reportedly, this is a strain that grows near the Malana village, but is isolated from outside influence. It is supposed to be a 7km hike away from the village, with no road access, so only the farmers typically visit this particular region.

If you look at the bud structure alone from individuals of malana cream: https://www.icmag.com/forum/marijua...ces/346166-malana-cream-rsc-grow-report/page2 the oversized inflorescences suggest there could easily have been some contamination with modern genetics. In stark contrast, the lone plant I've grown from wailing valley, so far, shows no physical signs of introgression or contamination with modern hybrids, and hopefully it stays that way!

Aroma-wise, in this early stage of development, the buds on the individual I'm growing has a spicy sweet smell with a very subtle eucalyptus background to it! No doubt, there is a lot of diversity in this population, and what I'm experiencing cannot describe the strain as a whole. The population this individual came from had a high frequency of purple individuals, as as this plant matures, we will see if it will change color. So far, it doesn't seem like purple is dominant in the lone plant that I'm growing.

With regard to height, since it flowers somewhat early, as long as you start them late in the season (at least outdoors) or take clones, you can probably keep them in check, but if grown for the full season, these will turn into trees, so growers beware!

It looks like this plant will finish outdoors at end of October, and regretfully, this is the end of the line for my collection since there are no others from the population to produce seeds. I'm sure others have this variant and if you do, please feel free to post your pictures and experience here!


Resin production is pretty decent, I think this will be rosin squeezable:


As the plant matures, I'll post some updated photos, so stay tuned!


Thank you entropical!

So, this clone had zero purple action, even with cold stress that turned many other clones very purple! It is probably ready to harvest in the next 2 days or so, it's almost done! Interestingly, I did find one section of the inflorescence with botrytis, but in the defense of the plant, it got rained on with extreme force! we had hurricane speed winds come by when an atomospheric river recently poured on us a few days ago! I've never seen so much damage from rain and wind before, I guess global warming is really making these storms much more intense.

this strain seems exactly like the malana strain, but isn't contaminated with modern genetics like most malana seeds are these days. Pictures taken late October:







I've tried many Himalayan landraces, and none of the flowers were worth smoking: they all needed to be extracted, and once the extract was consumed, you have to be careful because it can be overpowering! Even with a proper cure, all the other himalayan landraces I tried didn't taste that great in flower form, even if the flowers smelled great and were cured for Jesus.

Finishing-wise, Wailing Valley was completely done the last day of October here in the Pacific Northwest: it's very early for a landrace sativa!

Effects-wise, the clone of Wailing Valley in the picture above was a surprising exception, but keep in mind, I only got one plant, so your experience may vary with this strain. It's hard to judge the strain as a whole with just one plant. The seeds had very low viability, I only got 1 out of 27(?) seeds to germinate! That said, I think these guys who distributed the genetics took the time to select winner individuals rather than collecting seeds from random plants (which seems to be the case with the malana strain I got from RSC...but to be clear, many of their other strains did have great selective pressure). The flowers of Wailing Valley were flavorful and moderately potent: definitely worth smoking without doing extractions! The effects were very clear headed, comfortable, functional, and relaxing! If you don't take potency into account and you are a sativa fan who likes unique effects, I'd give it a 9.5 out of 10!


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Excellent smoke report. Thanks for whetting my appetite... definitely sounds worth a try. I had no luck with any of the ILE strains so far, so the low viability doesn't surprise me.

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