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Vic High?

Anyone know what that dude is up to these days? I was a big fan of his stuff, haven't seen him for years.. Just wondering if anyone knew his story..


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Living life!
But his works were grand though. But with all of the drama in the last few years, I don't blame him for getting off the cannabis forum net drama, and getting on with living life. Now that's saying something without saying something.


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Vic who????

Vic who????

Vic made the unfortunate mistake of outing Sam Skunkman's name on OG. Got banned for 90 days; guess he just didn't realize exactly who sam was at the time! :fsu: Things were never the same for Vic after that, no more new strains were produced and eventually Heaven's Stairway ran out of his seeds.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what's so 'grand' about his stuff - it was all just crossings of the best of other breeders popular strains, and Vic's stuff had lots of hermie issues. :chin: