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var 'Island Purps'


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This plant is truly an old time Vancouver Island oddity, very heavily seated in the 'afghanica' realm, a plant I suspect to be somewhat ancestral to the wide leaf indica "kush" plants that form the basis of the modern purple kush lines. Sh is all but extinct on the Island, where growers have mostly moved in favor of the newer kush types.

This plant grows like a classic afghanica, with wide leaflets and short internodes, and dense floral clusters that have an almost musty/kushy nose without many of the sweet notes that some of the newer kush hybrids have. While on the plant, the flowers retain a somewhat strange rubber, mushroom compost type of smell that can definitely hit the nose in the wrong way, on the musty side of acrid, but once the plant is trimmed it really settles into a classic afghanica type smell that is rare in the marketplace today. Interesting and unique cannabis, unlike anything else in the collection, and it was so different I just had to keep it. Mite and mildew resistant, with thick leaves that purple completely and vibrantly with intense light or relative cold. Done-diddly in 8 weeks, an early contender and crossed with the Jack is just a little taller and more vigorous yet retains her status and an early indoor producer. The lower overall odour makes her appealing for those concerned about smell, or that have clandestine commercial spaces where smell can be a concern. Take a trip back to yesteryear and enjoy this classic!
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I believe I have a similar pheno from my purp og from earthman technologies. Is that from Hawaii? The nose is very very spot on and the coloring is similar.


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^ not a very generic name for a strain or anything ;) how about green sativa ? ha. the island purps does sound better. wonder if it relates to BCBD's version ?
The name of this variety reminds me of one of the gangs from "The Warriors".

"We got the Saracens sitting right next to the Jones Street Boys. We got the Moonrunners... right by the Vancouver Island Purps.".



anybody running the sweet skunk cross of this gal?

i am......

pics soon as i find the damn cam

very delightsome and lovely, WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER indeedilydoodllio






latest rounds of island purpsXsweet skunk

my cam is old and cruddy, sorry....pics dont represent very well as the colors on these buds are exuberant....i had to break out the loop alot during trim as i kept seeing these dark spots, thought they could be the borg laying eggs but turns out to be pockets and dots of purple so dark its black til you get micro.

now, im running some low temps at night, so yea purple, but damn.....

the odor of bud is like if you were to put a plastic bag at the anus of a recently-perished skunk, pressed on its belly and captured the last remaining fart? yea, that. pardon the crudeness. the odor transfers a bit to taste but more fruity?......the eyes tear up and the nasals tingle and yer off.

the effect is great, a very postive uplifting more euphoric than clear'headed but welly welly powerful with a pretty long duration for being a mostly balanced hybrid....

the grow was great, pulled 26g from 3/4 gal pot, organic.......i took this girl to about 65 days.

my weak report doesnt match the badassness of this plant, i apologize. the biggest indicator was friend's faces after they took it home.....evidently it's the new favorite.
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oh frustration......why my pics not showing up as pics? damn this technology crap, i thought they said by now we could just use brainwaves to communicate over distance. oh the hubris of the science religion...

i copy/paste urls and BBs and they still dont show up, help?


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Hey ion,

The flowers look lovely bro, good job :)

If you want the pics to come up big then try these steps.

1. Start writing a post..
2. On your browser, have a separate tab open of the IC album with your pics in.
3. When you want to put a pic into the post your composing, copy and paste the 'BB' line of code underneath the pic into the post.

They should then show up as big pics :) Hope that works for you