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I read that two mothers were used in making the seeds, both were NLD. One was chocolate thai leaning and the other was juicy fruit thai. For the juicy fruit thai I believe the descriptive term used was/is Hawaiian punch. I have a feeling that there will be some incredibly wonderful specimens to come out of these seeds. Hope this is helpful for you. Much love

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I thought there was no Juicy Fruit (highland) Thai integrated into the flo line, and this V-2 seems to have been bred from all Flo genetics? The description on the seed packets gives (to me) mysterious initials referring to its parents, don't know what they signify.


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There's a thread a little bit down the page in this DJ Short subsection of Icmag, it's titled DJ Short Blue V-2. The last comment that's currently there now mentions that DJ found the tutti fruity juicy fruit in both the highland and purple Thai.

My initial remarks were mostly based off reading a comment in another thread titled Bringing our the Blueberries which is in the Cannabis Strains and Breeding subsection of the forum. There is a comment by @Miraculous Meds describing the parents, more specifically post #156 in that thread. Hoping this helps. Much love


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Blue v2s maybe 5-6 weeks of flowering I flowered seed plants but I think better feeding of them would get bigger buds but they are super solid already. Only had some early samples but has positive results from them so far. 1 more week will bring week 10 (didn't picture week 9 plants yet) and they should be done I think, maybe 11 on the one.

Mildew has been present in this tent and these didn't see a spot when others were having extreme break outs of mildew, just like flo does for me. Up positive but stronger high than flo, more dreamy or stoney but doesn't drag you down. Again early smoke test so will wait until they are done, I only tried early in case mildew came so I wanted to know if its worth it to keep them if they get mildew.

There was a couple smaller stockier plants that grew super slow in comparison, they were culled, expect a really good stretch on these, at least two times, maybe 2.5 times. Will try outdoors this year for sure.

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