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Hi IC Mag Family,

Today I'd like to speak about Ultra Genetics!

Ultra Genetics is a British-born company, with the breeder being a long established gardener, fruit farm owner and plant breeder. The breeder at Ultra Genetics is currently breeding Hot Chilli Peppers and Passion flowers and plans to begin a new chilli seed company in 2023.

Some of Ultra Genetics two most recent strains are the Pornstar Martini & the Terpatron 3000.
Pornstar Martini is a hybrid cross which uses the multi-cup winning Rock and Rolex Clone (Rolex OG x Madarin Cookies) x Terpatron 3000. The Rock & Rolex clone reportedly tested at 32% THC and hit her with the Terpatron reversal, the resulting offspring produces a mix of exotic tropical fruity notes, likely inherited from the Terpatron 3000 who has ripe sharp passion fruit notes wafting out of her. Pornstar Martini is available now in feminised seeds.

Terpatron 3000 on the other hand is available both as a feminised F2 and as regulars, Terpatron 3000 = Mandarin Biker x Mendo Grape Kush.

All packs of Ultra Genetics regular seeds will receive 4 x free Skunk in the Trunk seeds.

Skunk in the Trunk = UK Cheese (Brightside Cut) x Cheesy Fruits (male)

Cheesy Fruits= UK Cheese (Brightside Cut) x Terpatron 3000 reversal

Ultra Genetics made a female and a male version of the Cheesy Fruits. Hopefully a version of the Cheesy Fruits in regulars as an F2 will be released as this was previously mentioned to be planned.

I know the debate of the Cheese has gone on for eons and is likely to continue to do so. However from Ultra Genetics perspective the real Cheese is called the Brightside cut. The clone reportedly given out by the Exodus Cut is watered down, larger yielding and not as pungent or potent version which resulted from it being crossed to an Afghani. The original Cheese (Brightside) is a low yielder and only grows 5 blade leaves so is easy to identify if you didn't know this detail.

For upcoming news regarding Ultra Genetics- we've received notice that they are next planning on bringing back a number of his long out of stock hybrid, the Sour Grape Kush back to the market which has been out of stock for some time, we currently have the S1 in seed form but not the regulars.

UG also plans to work on bringing back the original Shiva, he's working on a new line based around this old Shiva strain. Shiva being an exclusive clone from the South of England. This range is going to be called OM Namah Shivaya.


PS/ Josh


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Sugar Tits Regular Cannabis Seeds Ultra genetics. is my fav and the seed are priced very nicely. $55 for ten seed.😎

Sugar Tits= Sour Grape Kush x Animal Cookies- I can see why you picked it, looks pretty great if I do say so myself. Also to note you get 4 Skunk in the Trunk AkA Cheese RE-UP seeds. Giving you 14 for that 55.00



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