uk clone only! (and british bred strains)

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Looking delicious cheesey! :canabis: Really dig the resin production on the NMK. :yes: Saw a pic was nominated for POTM. :tongue: Good luck!

cheers . the NMK is something specal . i hope to s1 her in the new yr and hit 1 or 2 other strains with her fem polen . . im happy the way the bullshit blues looks and smells but its all down to how she smokes hopefully she will be worth keeping .just a shame i binned the rest of the bsb seeds when i found out the fem i used in the cross was fake
yep nominated again with the NMK but got a feeling the CATAPILLAR will win . i will have to start letting my chinchillas run around and climb up my plants and take some photos lol


cpl of snaps of the NMK


bottom bud

im going to chop next thursday so the nmk will have 58 days flower this time longest ive eva took her ...


What's the lineage of NMK? This is an 'auto'...or something you working on? Any HP in that? Again....VERY nice. :ying:

no not a auto . it was a keeper out of a pack of white s1 seeds . to this day no 1 knows what lineage the whites is ..

some words from krome about the whites

It really is a shame to see this nonsense following along wherever the white shows up. Like I've said once, and I'll say it again, I don't think we'll ever know the EXACT lineage of the white. It was given to me called the triangle. And the buck stops there. That's all of the info I got on it and that's all that's ever turned up. My buddy who originally sourced the cut to me might be able to get more info on it, but I know for a fact he's not going to do it. Why? Cause he doesn't care. It is what it is, a good cut. It's not the end all by any means. There are so many varieties out there that are simply amazing that it's just impossible to put a tag on the best. What's the best to me surely isn't the best to the next person. So why can't we leave it at that? To be honest, I always thought that the white was an extremely exceptional plant from the first time that I was packed a bowl. The fitting thing to do with such a thing is to spread her far and wide so that she can be enjoyed by many, and that's exactly what was done. With how everything works, if you are somewhat connected in this community I'm sure you can track it down by now.

It's funny how these cuts can make people act. It's like people are out there searching for some type of notoriety or something, want to be famous or known for something. Trust me, that was never my intention. Where I live, shit like "Krome's white," is what gets people busted. I never want to be fully associated with a strain, at least in my home town. Thank goodness for handles. But now I see people out there talking about how they're going to make sure the white gets into the med clubs for everyone to enjoy, acting like it hurts me. That's exactly what the plan was, for everyone to eventually get access to her. It's just that things take time. The way that some people come across acting as if I actually owe them a cut or something is actually appalling. I don't owe any one person a thing. I work hard for my own and if I decide that I want to share then that's up to me, but to bitch cause someone doesn't just jump when you say jump is just too funny for me. This online thing is starting to get a little out of hand. I'm not sure if many of you realize how real it is out here. Not everyone is in a med state and has a med card. Many people are out here risking their necks every day and should something go wrong who will they turn to. Will I be able to ask those who I gave cuts to for help should I get busted? Just some things to think about. I'm pretty much over all of the drama that comes with so many of these cuts. I passed this thing along for everyone to enjoy, not to bicker and bitch about.

And for the record, I've been growing the white for close to 7 years now and I'm positive the cut was around for at least two years prior to me getting it. For someone to be so naive as to think that Humboldt is the only place where good cuts come from is asinine. I'm not here to argue with anyone about anything. I've said my part and I just wish people would enjoy the pics, add constructive criticism if you have some, or just ignore it if you don't like it. That's pretty much it.
Ahhh, yes, the White....used a cut of that myself for White Lightening (G13bx male) and Glass Slipper (my massive orig Bros Grimm C99 male).

Anyway, NMK is a stunner mate. Good going with it! :ying:


Very nice work indeed mate, the NMK looks stunning as always. So what's the exact naming we are applying to the 'Blues' now? Fake Blues for the original cut and BS Blues for the hybrid you made using it? Wish we knew the lineage of the Fake Blues, but that's sadly lost along the wayside now.

Struggling to get a decent pic with my shitty point n shoot cam but just chopped this Rocket Chunk from Esbe, pretty purple and smells nice, like Deep Chunk - hashy like the old red seal and gold seal hashes, but not that resinous compared to Deep Chunk and a small yielder so not kept a cutting.



bannana man

heres some pics of my cheese x smurf i made..

Strain Name:
cheesy smurf
trichome jungle
Landrace,F1,F2, Selfed,Polyhybrid etc
uk cheese x smurf
Parental Information
the mother used is
the uk cheese clone that any uk grower will know and love and many others around the world love now as well. it is said to be a old school skunk no 1 selected fron sensi seeds by the exodus crew i the 90's ,,the smell and taste from this strain is super stinky and coats the mouth with a antiseptic berry the uk there are a few cheesy clones around this one used is the one we call suicide cheese and is one of the strongest around .

the father was made by trichome jungle seeds it is a cross of galactic smurf x haze x santa maria ,
the santa maria haze male was also used to make mantis by hitting up my nap ,this male came to me in some seeds i found in some dank hazey limey smoke while in the dam a few years ago . i later found out from the coffee shop grower that it was haze x santa maria .from these seeds i selected a nice male

the galactic smurf is crystal ship x pony boy
.crystal ship is kodiak gold x kali mist indica pheno .the seeds for this cross came from a guy at my first cannabis cup these seeds came out with some super tasty herb with a super trippy high and all sorts of black current candy smells

the smurf male used was also used to make smurfberry= krowberry x smurf ,larry smurf =lemon larry x smurf and,cheesey smurf =uk cheese x smurf

a smurf female was used to make the bubba smurf =smurf x bubba mantis .this female has been tried by many and everyone loves her
Indica/Sativa %
50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Feminized Seeds?
Indoor / Outdoor
Bloom Length:
56-63 days
# of Phenotypes?
3 phenos
Describe each phenotype expression:
pheno 1 70% 7 out of 10 females smell of joop after shave and antiseptic zestyness all have same growth a slightly more sativa growth pattern and high resin output

pheno 2 20% 2 out of 10 females smell of uk cheese antiseptic berry funk with a slighting shorter growth pattern than pheno 1 this one also chuck out the resin

pheno 3 10% 1 out of 10 females smell of zesty funk with a more sativa growth and thiner leafs this plant also has a high resin output all over

all phenotypes have the same type of resin which is very oily compared to other stains being grown side by side which are more sticky i will see how the hash turns out from this strain soon
1.5 x
Resin Profile:
Copious Resin
Odour Score:
Odour Description:
antiseptic funk with zest
Flavour Score:
Flavour Description:
mouth coating fruity zest
Potency Score:
High Type:
strong relaxing ,thought provoking


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more pics

heres the bsb

shes packed on loads of weight the past week going to yeild high. hairs are turn brown very fast . looked with scope and shes around 30% amber

nmk as white as snow also packing it on .

cola shot

lower bud site



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cheesy smurf sounds amazing bannana man, would def like to run that at some point.
also i reckon the uk cup should be mid summer, you cant beat smoking weed in the sun. :)

i take it thats out door bud funky monkey? any mold or are the danish tings super mould resistant?

bsb and nmk are both looking amazing cheesey, cant wait to run the bsb myself.

good luck with the hash making Cristalin'bud...
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