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Tranquil Hemp CBD test grow

Afterthought Autos was so kind and generous to send me 2 different Auto regular seed strains for a TEST grow for future possible strains: Numbskull(++CBD), Tranquil(hemp high cbd), as well as their Gas & Guns Auto that's in the market. Each of the 3 will have it's own journal, though grown all together. Due to circumstances I need to start in Burpee small container to transplant to 5 gallon once roots popping thru regularly.

This is Tranquil Hemp CBD
Genetic lineage: Boax x Finola Hemp CBD
Indoor: 13-16 weeks (start to finish)
Outdoor: Similar
Height:Indoor: Med-Tall

10/30/20 Germinated and will be grown in:
Organic soil, reused and baked Stonington blend base
Worm castings
Stonington blend fertilizer
Fish bone meal
Lobster compost
5 gallon bucket
Start under CFL(18/6) & switch over to LED: 2 x 280w DIY run 18/6 on/off schedule

DAY ONE: 11/1/20 popped up from soil.

I'll be adding pics weekly

Tranquil Hemp CBD test grow update

Tranquil Hemp CBD test grow update

10/30 germination & 11/1 popped thru soil.


Appreciating the propagation protocol for auto flowers, grow constraints and impatience with wanting to start this test, and being a test grow, has resulted in my quick start in the small cup shown. I have used with much success through the years for both photos & Autos, as it allows you to closely monitor the root growth through the bottom. I only expect to keep in these cups for one more week and then transplant into its final destination as space is opening up shortly.

Tranquil is starting off quite well with no issues whatsoever. Running 18/6 and spraying with water regularly to keep humidity up.
Included photo of closet finishing up a nice mix of 2 cloned Fem Zamaldelicas pollinated with CS from the 3rd clone; Solomatic front R; Zkittlez back R & 2 pretty Sherbert’s finishing next week(allows me to move last 2 in and open up for transplant closet)


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Finola hybrids

Finola hybrids

Have many breeders experimented with Finola crosses- Would there be any benefit to trying crosses with Fibrimon derived hemps e.g Fedor,Futura etc.?


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We've grown out Fedora 17- lack luster compared to other CBD hybrids from OR, CA, LA,CO & NC, our source for CBD Hemp.

Fedora17 is ~1.5- 4% CBD <0.06 thc. Others we're working with are 18-22% CBD <0.3 per USA standards. https://www.konopko.si/files/file/sorte/Datasheet Fedora 17.pdf

Crossing Fedora hybrids with Otto, Cherry Wine, Abacus, BoAx(BaOx)and the like, could be the next progeny.


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Casa Humboldt

The story of Abacus S2 20:1:

A native of Humboldt, Nate Smith of Abacus Apothecary sold this genetic to a Colorado group while the remaining seeds were propagated and kept in the county. His Abacus origin story reminds us of the power and beauty that can come from chance:

The genetic cross lineage is (OG X ? (random pollen from Redway)) crossed with a (Purple Urkle X Mr Nice), as far as I know. I made a prosthetic leg for a dog, and my neighbor Ruthie gifted me 20 seeds in thanks for making it. It was one of those seeds that had the purple genetics which followed the CBD. I did my genetic selecting by tasting the leaves. The stronger the leaf taste, the more strong I thought the THCA would be... The strong taste turned out to be CBDA instead. So it was a happy accident. After I learned about the taste connection, it was easy for me to test 200 plants for CBD. There was one plant that was much stronger than the others, which is the grandmother of the strain you have. A back cross stabilized everything pretty well as far as being high ratio.

Chris Larson from Lost Coast Medicinals has been refining the genetics since 2014.

Abacus S2 20:1 is available in single pounds, 1/8 jars and 1.5 gram full flower prerolls with organic hemp papers. See our Retail Partners page to find a Casa Humboldt dispensary near you.


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Great history, art! E. of Pueblo was the area we found Abacus: Genetics – (OG x Purple Urkle) x (High CBD Varietal Industrial Hemp)
Potency – 8% – 15% CBD, < 0.3% THC
Tranquil 3 weeks post germ

Tranquil 3 weeks post germ

3 weeks post germ, and 2 days ago they were transferred from the starter cups into their 5 gallon final destination using the soil mix initially noted. Now under an HLG 550 with PAR dialed down to 500.
Running temps in mid 70's during 18/6, dropping to low 60's when lights off.

Tranquil #1 has grown most faster and fuller than #2, and the other testers of Gas & Guns + Numbskull. Probably makes sense for being Hemp(Boax x Finola).
Tranquil's leaves look sharp, jagged like vs rounded leaf tips of others.

Since these are regular seeds, I also started #3 this week, hoping I get a 66% fem rate so I can run 2 thru harvest.

Transfer from starter cups was easy due to great root structure. Very impressed with abundance of roots. Easy peasy 3 weeks in.

BTW, I'm 9 for 9 with seed germination rate. Strong genetics Ab.

4th week post germ

4th week post germ

4 weeks old today. 14” is showing female, while 7” showing male pods. Pulling the male out tonite and should have the space to let him grow to produce and collect pollen. Started a 3rd recently and will use to replace the male.


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5th-6th week and both male

5th-6th week and both male

By the fifth or sixth week it turned out that both plants are males. I kept one and I’m currently collecting the pollen. The second one I didn’t have space for so I chopped them added to my CBD branch and stem collection for topical cream. I started 2 others in late November and I will continue this journal based off of those. The plan is to take the pollen I’ve collected to pollinate a female selectively to continue the line.


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You can yank the males and use "whole spectrum" in tinctures, balms, etc. Gather pollen first!!


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Oh yeah, nice looking male!! Growing Tranquil great- keep up the great growing!!
Tranquil Rnd 2

Tranquil Rnd 2

The first two were both males, so I collected pollen and use the plants for my CBD pile that goes towards creams and topicals.
I started rnd 2 about a month ago and they both have distinct characteristics of one male and one female, just by size and shape.
They haven’t quite shown their sex yet, but the short and squat plant is growing as much horizontally as it is vertically. The second plant is growing tall and leaner, characteristics of a male.
Last Tranquil popped 12/1, so let’s go 2021.


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Tranquil weekly update

Tranquil weekly update

Tranquil test grow continues 4-6 weeks in. My over watering of #1(11/21) has made her short, squat and a bit limp, though very healthy. I can only imagine how big she’d be if not too saturated. Still not showing sex, probably due to my stress.
#2(11/25) is growing lean and tall, male characteristics.
#3(12/1) looking good for 30 days.


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