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Keif Cake

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Sounds :yummy: Please, keep us updated during her second half of flowering.

Regarding American Sativas, last years i've working on a few really nice Oaxacan hybrids, but they have not been commercially released yet.
This is amazing news! Ive long wanted to try some Oaxacan. I did pick up a pack of 79 Oaxacan IBL that i have been wanting to start while i still have this Mexican Honduras female to cross with it.

Will be eagerly awaiting the day you have more to say about those, even better when i have some in my hands.


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Couple examples of Tikal. Variations on a good hybrid peachy wood/incense types. Fun plant. Might be keeping the first pictured plant


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Thanks Dubi! Last pheno to finish. Definitely more peachy n sweet smelling than the above shown, which was peachy and exotic wood/sandal thing going on. Fun plant to grow, definitely lovely smells that I wasn't expecting. Pictured here is Tikal 1, above is Tikal 2. They're both in the same pheno expression imo, maybe haze hybrid structure background with some obviously different terps. I'm letting them sit in jars, excited to report back smoke. Excellent yeilders, branchy plants that need support. Decent/easy trimming too. Overall, love the work ACE does.