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The Real Hash tester - Cherry OG


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its not that it hermies problem with diesal strains is female to male you tend to get more males then females that is only down fall

Male /female ratio will be 50-50 in a large population, smaller populations will show more males or more females but in a large population it will approach 50% male 50% female

i have grown TRH cherry pie in conditions many growers would never attempt talking temps of minus 12 frost hurricane northern winds etc far from the stress that some growers do . and it never threw a nannor or hermie ..
TRH is well aware the cherry side is stable and jet fuel side only problem is ratio of male to female ratios that is what will determine how well it does in the seed world
Bottom line your finished product looks the same as cherry pie ,, but with some other smells being terps etc lemon diesal characteristics..

TRH did a stellar job working cherry pie and PCK as well as this cross

look to me its cherry pie x pck x G6 aspen og x eastern diesal i think lol or did he use G7 bio which would be a rare find being aspen og x Bio- diesal very rare

He's just joking he knows there's no diesel in there.

I got some crazy aromas from my Cherry Pie x PCK too, it came in super early and smoked really nice. I've never had Aspen OG or Biodiesel before.

Next season I'm going to run Cherry Pie x Aliendog, looking forward to that one



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Great job on these testers bud

The cherry pie leaners


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This was the OG leaner -she's where I got the cherry jet fuel from

I'm calling it the after burner pheno with friends but you call it what you like. It's definitely a one hitter


Sorry for the wait TRH

Side note - I retract my statement made earlier about finish time. Yes they look good an ready at 55-60 but there not on the same level as these day 70 nugs. They will keep swelling after day 55 and the high was stronger and lasted longer at 70. Just my opinion
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Thanks for the love guys. I would recommend anyone to try this stuff. Awesome flavor an high. Anyone have any questions about her just message me.

Again thank you to TheRealHash for trusting me to grow em out n showcase the outcome.

This is Kashkr0p signing out... Good night and good fight


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Great report..thx to you and TRH..

I just grabbed a couple of these. Cherry pie is one of my favorite strains I've run outdoors..


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You're welcome bud

I'm testing Cherry Pie x Alien Dog next. I really like the terps Cherry Pie brings to the table


i,m keeping the thread , i liked it .......

no gypsy moved it by mistake , waiting for him to come back on deck to move it back .
sorry brother.

think i read you running cherry pie x aliendog ........sounds stellar