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The Real Hash blessed me with some fire. This go around I popped his Cherry Pie x Scotts' OG to see what crazy flavors I can find. I only popped 4 because I popped some other beans as well but they all turned out male sadly. Out of the 4 Cherry OG I found 3 females. They're in their final homes in 3 gal bags of coco being fed Jack's. I lost track of the veg time but they're about 2 feet tall right now and will be tied open and veged for another week or 2 depending how I feel about em at the time. They're under a 600 right now but will flower under a 1000w.

Left my good camera at work but I'll take some pics in a bit with my camera phone to get this started. Thanks TRH!!
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Nice, I feel like a dick for fucking up my testers from the real hash. I lost them to fungus gnat larvae, along with lots of other rare seeds in my collection. Lost a lot of seed this season.. Neways best of luck that sounds like some fire! Reminds me, I have a few beans I found in a cpl units of Cherry Pie, I should check them out!


Dam going to be small hard nugs for sure here some cherry pie :tiphat:


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For all you creepy creeps who like veg pics here u go lol
#1,2,3 and a group shot of 1,2,3 going left to right.




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I popped 4 only cause I also popped 4 black cherry cheese cake that turned out all male. But of the 4 cherry og I had 3 females


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I have one of those from your stock, CP x PCK. Smells really good and makes purplish buds. Bout to put one outside.

Yup, I'm one of those creepy creeps that likes veg shots,lol. What's the m/f ratio? They all look nice and branchy.

Answer up there haha


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Iv never noticed that smiley before haha

I'm hoping to get roots to grow off the bottom branchs before I flip. I'll give it till next Friday an if I see nothing going on I'm flipping cause I hate knowing I'll be waiting till September to taste these buds


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So I'm a fucking pos liar.

I'm blacking them out starting 12/12 tomorrow lol

TRH has waited long enough to see his babies grown an I dont got time to waste.
Let's get the show on the road!!


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No budsites to be taking pics of yet but number 3 has some frost on her. Hopefully a sign of things to come.