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THE REAL HASH "green crack x Og x super skunk" TESTERS


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real nice plant thumbs up man... .. .

Love to try these beans one day... .. .

All the best to breeder and grower ;-)



Thank u ^^ Heres another shot of #8
tested some and it is again, same notes as others.. This one even has a lil more frost and a lil more expando than the first two.. Pretty damn close phenos.. And all these females are true females. No nanners or any other tendencies..

Heres the #9
bout to get the axe.. Not as frosty as 8 but still nice in her own way.. Ill keep u guys posted.. Peace


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They all look really good.

So far #1 has been the most photogenic.

Was #1 your favorite so far or are they all pretty much the same?



yes, the #1 was the prettiest and has the stronger aroma of the bunch,,and the smoke was very smooth..

they are all very similar in the aroma and flavors,, all were skunky, fruity creamy..

my favorite would be the 8 ,, it has the more of a heady rush that i like in meds with a nice body that follows… the others were more body for sure..

everybody that tried them all were pleased with the end product.. definitely a good run of seeds for me.. and i think anybody would be pleased if they purchased these…. ill be back with the final report on the #9 in a few days…

thanks again,, trh.. it was a pleasure testing these and i hope u consider me in the future with any of your new creations,,, I've said it before,, il say it again…

best canna growers are all right here and it shows,, good job. peace


wow,, just realized my last post never loaded..

that #9 came out very good also,, again close to others in smell and aroma etc,,strawberry fruit cream skunk... maybe a slight armpit on this one but in a good way,, all in all, trh, u did an excellent job… I've popped alot of beans and this pack has great consistency… and u rarely see that anymore, especially with hybrids… I'm def impressed.
if i had more room i would have enjoyed keeping the 8 at home but we gotta keep numbers in check.. it is close at a friends house though..

thnx again,,, peace


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The seed fairy hit up my mailbox a little over a week ago. She left me some of these seeds. Super excited to get them going.

So by the looks of things, they finish in 9 weeks, tops? Do you use co2 acrid? How about your light cycle, how many hours of darkness do they get?


U will enjoy em.. And yeah 9 weeks and theyre pretty well receded and cloudy starting to amber by then..i did 24 veg and 12/12 flower.no co2.yet Im still perpetual..Stayed around 7/800 pmm on a .5

Easy grower strong branching.. Let me know when u star that gro,, would def like to watch.. Peace


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Will do. Might pop some of them within the next couple weeks. Gotta make some clones first. As soon as they root, I will more than likely be popping these beans. Got some Green Crack x Scott's OG seeds as a bonus when these came. So gonna pop some of those with some of these, and see what happens.

Thanks for all the info. I run just about the same as you with the food ppm. But I flower 11/13, and will be starting up the co2 genny soon.


Meen you guys are crazy indica growers☺ i also have grown weed who looks like that, but they arent mostly indicas. Crazy strains, i am so exited for my surprise, have to wait the pm getd open. Soo keep pn doing and posting pic :)
Got some Green Crack x Scott's OG seeds as a bonus when these came. So gonna pop some of those with some of these

hells to the yes, pop these and throw me a pm so i can sub to the show. there are a few nice phenos of GC and green ribbon around locally and throwing that sativa into the OG mix sounds schweet.


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Hi Acridlab,

looking good,

i would ask you to post some pics from my Greencrack x OG x SSH...

What i got also to test, but from my own probs i didn´t get any Thread or pics from this started yet.

I have 2 Girls in Flower 1 is near ended, and that is the Girl what i wanna post here few pics from.