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The Purple Rose Supply Hemp 3.5-7 Grams Cannagar Mold Thai Stick Press Blunt Roller Kit - Anyone?


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I thought I had seen it all. This definitely looks like it's worth a try.

It appears to pack it super tight around a small dowel rod using a tamper with a hole in the middle (to go around the little dowel). Then, remove the dowel and smoke it???

It says you can put a wrap around it but it might not even be required. Maybe a thin paper, no more.

Pretty neat idea if it actually works.

Anyone ever use this?

Here is some copy from the ad.....

Cannabis cigars (aka cannagars) burn for hours. They last 12x longer than the average joint.


Use the latch to lock the mold together and insert the skewer through the bottom hole. Place your ground-up flower down the mold shaft and use the packing tool to tightly pack your product in. Use a little flower at a time and pack as you go instead of doing it all at once for maximum compression. Make sure to press down hard with your packing tool and don’t be afraid to put some weight on it. The tighter you pack it, the slower it will burn!


We recommend storing the packed mold in a cool, dry place for at least 3 hours, but overnight works best. Your cannabis cigar will burn slower and smoother the longer it’s left in the mold.


Take your mold apart and carefully remove the Cannagar core. Wrap it in hemp leaves to enjoy as a traditional Cannagar or use any wrap of your choice. You can get creative by adding some wax or concentrates on the outside for a personalized touch. Use the wooden tip for a classier feel and protect your lips from the hot smoke.


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Well..... this thing is totally tits up.

It makes something called a Cannagar. A cigar made from Canna(bis).

I made one today and let it cure for 3 hours. They say overnight is better. You can go weeks or months in a cure. It made an awesome cigar and the resulting cigar smokes awesome.

For anyone who is a cigar smoker, this is an absolute must.

It's not rolled leaf. It is compressed, ground flower. You can add hash, sift, concentrate, whatever. Then, the skin is rolled onto the outside. Skins can be anything from a rolling paper to hemp leaves to simply fan leaves off your plant.

I can see doing some pretty cool experiments. I am going to make one and then do the Malawi Cob Cure on it. I'll bet I can make some incredible tasting cigars this way.

So, Ringodoggie gives this device a "2 tits up" rating. The best rating I can give.

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