The Official FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Thread

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Hello everyone who loves Football!

As you all know, it is that glorious time again, only every 4 years can we enjoy the beauty of the biggest sports competition in the whole Galaxy :joint:

Brazil will be the place to host it this time around, where for some obscure reason, people are born with an amazing physical and mental talent for the only King of sports: Football.

In honor of one of my favorite players of all time, Ronaldinho Gaucho, being from Brazil, I present these two short videos:


even though Brazil is my second arch-enemy in Football, I have to humble myself and admit Ronaldinho's awesomeness.

Only 5 more days my brothers and sisters!



Andinismo Hierbatero
forgot to mention, that I will miss seeing Ronaldinho in this World Cup for sure... I highly doubt Brazil will win, but you never know with them...

my main team has always been and will always be Argentina, even though Maradona is still the best player ever, he's a fucking idiot outside the football field, what a shame.

You never know the suffering of us Argentinian Football team fans...

maybe we are masochists lol...


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in the '70s it was Pelé, I wore his soccer shoes, they cost me $35 in '71, that was crazy money back then, I remember the price because I stared @ them in the store window (Murray's Army Navy) for 2 months before I could afford them.



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Even if i dread a few things in Professional Football, mainly how corrupt it is in my own country and how we swap priorities so easily, i must admit that i do love watching good football. So may the best team win and may we have a World Cup free of nasty events.


Doesnt feel like a world cup, maybe its all the corruption stories, havent even seen any of the usual amazing adverts yet.


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S4L, you are full of surprises bro, who would have thought you wore Pele shoes in the 70s? that's awesome!

I grew up on Pele and then Maradona, but then you realize both of them were assholes outside the grass rectangle and the image of heroes from childhood start to vanish...

Paulo and Von, I hear you on the political issues and corruption around the game, but I truly believe the great teams and players are all about the game, they don't let all that chaos around them affect their game, they are there for the beauty of it all, specially in a Mundial.

Football is the only truly democratic sport in the world, where anyone can be the best at any given time, regardless of how tall or short you are, thin or fat, muscular or not, or what ethnicity you belong to, you don't need any special equipment, not even a ball sometimes, we used to play with a ball made out of old socks on the street without shoes when we were kids.

found this video today:

Messi and Ronaldinho, it is a bit long but worth every second of it.

I'm a bit worried that the times the games will air at my current time-zone will make it hard to watch, specially having to wake up so early to get to work... this is really troubling for me, seriously :D

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go pick up an old tv for free, 'cause I don't have one, and my neighbor is gonna let me hook it up to his cable for the duration of the mundial. if not, I'll be forced to watch it on-line or go out to a bar, which I don't like but for the mundial I'll do it.


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hell yeah, a football thread. I played most of my life, about 18 years. coached 4yrs U-14 boys team, refereed (Fla state certified), indoor soccer 5 yrs, 2 yrs middle school (starting), all 4 yrs high school (started/lettered/jv/varsity), and 2 years on a mens league.

fortunately I was able to record/watch all the Barclays premier league matches this year.

cant wait to set the dvr up for the games.


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I like football but I hate all that goes around football; it has become like the Circus of the romans.

So I don´t give a fuck who wons really; maybe I´ll love some underdog to win may be some african country or why not the United States!!!! that would be a killer final USA vs ENGLAND and victory for the colonies 3-0 LOL.

If Spain wins every player gets 720.000 euro:moon:the suckers!!!!

May be a tropical rain storm and the world cup cancelled would be fun too...


Oh man so here we go again.... lol. Ok my goto team is mexico. Bu we all know that the politics and corruption is what keeps the team down... I mean come on dudes they have talent but geesh.. even their jr. Legue won the world cup last time or the one before the last time...
Having said that naturally I root for brazil only to get on my sister in laws nerves cuz shes argentine.. but I really hope for spain since my family stems from there.


World Cup 2014.Rio

World Cup 2014.Rio

So who's gonna win? :D. ENGLAND? (Come..on..ENGland!). :-/ FAT CHANCE!! Lol

Hope them police have managed too "Pacify" the Favelas *

*or we may be hearing "occasional" automatic gunfire! Yikes :woohoo:
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Andinismo Hierbatero
Spain will take it again....


yeah, probably, they have an amazing technical director a.k.a coach. I'm pretty sure Del Bosque is one of the best coaches at the World Cup, if not the very best, plus they have really good players in every single position. They are one of the strongest teams for sure.

then you have teams like Germany, who are super tactical, they run like machines and never seem to get tired, are strong as shit, and they'll do anything to win, including breaking people's legs and cheating, like they did in 2010 and 1990.

Italy of course, just because the Italians are amazing players, have style, and usually manage to keep it cool and manage problems with real gusto when they are in the mood.

those are the three strongest teams from Europe imo.

then you have Portugal and France, but really doubt they will win the Cup.

people are saying Colombia is going to surprise, they are in great shape and have tons of motivation, but I just don't see it.

Brazil is always strong, you could replace all the players with random football players from around the country and they could still take the cup, that's how much deep Football runs in their veins...

But, I don't care about any of it, I'm blind and can only see that Argentinian flag with that sun in the middle smiling back at me :D

heck, if Uruguay wins that would be awesome, but really doubt it...

Rob, that's cool, but you get no rep because you called Football soccer lol...
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