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The Legal Truth About Cannabis Seeds


I read some threads about GN being busted years ago and the argument seemed to be about whether or not seeds are legal in the
US. One of the legal spokesman said marijuana seeds are illegal, enforced by the federal government, and are seen on par with swapping heroin and other hard drugs.

I’ve purchased seeds from Seedbay, and many other seed dealers overseas. Some require cash, others bank transfers, several were fine with using Paypal, which is the easiest and I hope to see more sellers doing it. So far its been the same thing with US seed companies. A wide array of methods for paying them…

Some of the packs say ‘for souvenir purposes only’, which I’m guessing is to get around legal jargon.

I’ve yet to get a straight answer about whether or not seeds are legal here in the US. If you have a large collection of seeds, does that leave you wide open for getting busted?

Again, looking for straight, legit answers about what the actual FED/STATE/MED laws are on seeds and what’s likely to transpire. I know I’m not alone hoarding seeds… but any help would be appreciated..

Cuz I’m ??????

Also, I’ve purchased CBD weed online and its arrived safely. Now that state laws are active in NY, I should think I can buy actual cannabis from a website that will ship here and remain within the law?

I read somewhere even if its state legal, you’re breaking the law by shipping into the state.

I saw some real nice afghan hash on a website and I’m thinking about it.

All of this confusion. Any help would be appreciated.


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It's against the law. Now what?

Adding a grinder or other trinket to the seed order helps.


Westland weed:


These guys have an out of this world collection of hash. The price for an ounce of good smoke is certainly a deal. Would love to know if anyone's tried them. Their payment methods are iffy. Western Union or bank transfer. Buying Hash online shipped, on a federal level is quite diferent than ordering seeds..

It's like ok, I have a med card, I don't want to drive to the dispensary. Can I have it shipped to me instead? As far as I know there are no storefront dispensaries that sell actual flower in NY and only a few online.. but somehow some new ones are opening online? Everything is so seedy... and yet with legalization you'd think it would the opposite..

buy my weed


here's another... I am very very curious if anyone has used these... with all the medical card holders and thousands upon thousands of new smokers with changing state laws... I would very much like to hear experiences

Anyone, anyone.
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Legal here! That being said they are not after the "little" guy. That being said. although we have have the right to grow, we have to buy "seeds" from "legal" avenues only.

Basically, if you are buying weed from outside of the approved sources, they can bust your ass. The penalties have doubled and in some areas, even tripled.

Back in the day... prior to legalization, the ship was searched every time we went to Amsterdam. SIU were on site prior to our arrival. Regardless, they intended to make examples out of people (we were forewarned). If caught, it was export and import (import if busted in Canada), those were the charges. Exported out of Amsterdam, imported into Canada. Dependent on quantity, possession for the purpose of trafficking. I know it's not what you wanted to hear, but it is what it is. Right, wrong or indifferent! We have "free pratique" in Canada, which means Canada as a whole is legal. We can go from province to province with cannabis "products" providing we are under the 30g personal possession limits, without any issues. DONT cross the border, you're on your own.

If the govt wants to be pricks, they can. They legalized it, they did not decriminalized it. Your ball!


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You guys might get a look under the California section in a post called "Selling seeds" or something like that.