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The last giveaway in the first half of 2022 | FC series LED grow light

Mars Hydro Led

Grow on Earth Grow with Mars
Some days a little bottom heat literally works wonders.

I used to sprout seeds on top of my VCR, it was always warmish to the touch.
None of my household gizmos generate noticeable heat while idling away these days.
I've been trying to find a Video Cassette Player to sprout seeds with at the Goodwil old donated stuff charity store but no luck. This style of heat mats sure makes a good substitute though. lol :)
yeah, the price is sweet and it is very practical.

Mars Hydro Led

Grow on Earth Grow with Mars
So ,today is the day to pick winner. :rtfo:. The total entries are less than 50, so the prize is only FC-3000(Samsung 301B, 3x3ft coverage)

I will pick out the winner by google generator. I will hit the google generator a few times. would you like me to stop at the 10th hit or 15th hit? :unsure:


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That will be a nice light for somebody.

5 is quite lucky for the Chinese isn't it? Perhaps it avoids rsi :)