The Landrace Indica thread


Hey guys,
maybe one of you know a high cbd indica landrace?
thanks in advance :)

Yep good old Afghan and Pakistan landraces are a good place to look for cbd pheno's - Lebanese and Moroccan strains also make cbd however they generally have more sativa characteristics.
Check out real seeds co.


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pakistan chitral


afghan mazar
guerilla grown uk


Nice PCK Harvestreaper, Ive been researching Pakistan strains lately, they have some interesting cannabinoid content including CBD and THCV.

For anyone interested, here is a list of some Pakistan landrace's:

Aunt of Farouk - Derg Corra
Chitrali - RSC
X18 - Tom Hill
Pine Tar Kush - Tom Hill
Yarkhun - Mriko
Hunza - Mriko
Laspur Gold - Mriko
Pakistani - Bluehemp
Pakistan Valley - World of seeds
Pakistani Sativa - Bodhi seeds


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@Thule: did you buy the seeds on nternet (seedbank) or you got them from some1? or you went to dali to get them yourself? How was the smoke? was an indica or a sativa?

thanks bro


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La Mano Negra´s uzbeka. Last pic some males:).

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Hello mate! Hola compañero!
Verás, puse unas pocas semillas de uzbeka, usé le AG3 pensando que eran ya viejas y no se si la cagué.... total ahora tengo un macho y una hembra pero el macho es mucho más temprano... que hago, guardo el polen o lo podo a ver?

I used some gliberelic acid to germinate some seeds and I don't know if I made a mistake because it didn´t work good. However I have a mal and a female that goes much more slow in flowering. What do you recomend me? cut the flowers and wait that lateral branches throw flowers? I have to say that the flowers of the top are throwing pollen.



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Unknown landrace indica. Its grown from a seed that i brought back from my trip to cancoon mexico way back in the year 2000. I planted it just to see if it would grow at all. Low and be hold its growing. just hope its a female.



My next project is about preserving X18 version of Reserva Privada, 13 original seeds pack only good luck!

Then backcross suite perspective with more seeds from @GoatCheese much thanks for your work bro! :
The female was from Reserva Privada. Two males were used to make those seeds; one from Tom Hill and one from Reserva Privada (mixed pollen).

Message from DNA to me :
We no longer work with X18 Pure Pakistani strain. It was one of our discontinued strains and unfortunately, we do not have it in stock.

By hoping that Tom Hill's originals will be revive next years, please guys repro if you can, this pure indica heirloom "kafiristanica" is rare and really hard to find nowadays even in situ in the Hindu Kush. Big Up @Tom Hill !
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