*The K.I.S.S. Method*


Labels can be deceiving:

Botanicare Silica Blast (Derived from Potassium silicate and Sodium silicate)
2% Silica (Si?)
0.5% K2O

Dynagro Pro-Tekt (Derived from Potassium silicate)
7.8% SiO2 (=3,65% Si)
3.7% K2O

Botanicare must also contain about 3% Na, because Potassium silicate can only make up a fraction from the total Si content (must stop at 0.5% K2O as stated on the label, the rest of Si have to come from sodium silicate).
That's 40 PPM of Na if used at the given amounts (5ml/4L)

Botanicare contains about
8.19g Potassium silicate
208.4ml Sodium silicate alias common "water glass" (39% Sodium silicate solution, Density: 1.41g/ml)

Dynagro supposed to be a
24.9% Potassium silicate solution (according to the MSDS)

Potassium and Sodium silicate are very common, widely used and cheap chemicals.
milehigh im not sure what you mean by swicthing from mono cropping to mixed harvest?
both crops had the same # of plants 15 same size pot 7gal same soil promix and so on.
what i was trying to say was the previous crop had 12 sensi stars and 3 straw/alien.
were as the crop i just finished all 15 plants were straw/alien.

i was higher than a wichtdoctor when i typed that last nite lol. didnt even remember posting till i was reading the thread tonite haha.

anyway both those crops were grown with nothing but maxi as base and than started adding the dry koolbloom to the mix at wk 3 12/12 as my only bloom booster.
and 1 set came out to 2.5lbs. the other only 2lbs.
when i used other nutes and boosters i aways pulled between 3 to 3.75lbs.

i guess that might be alittle more clear remind me not to post when im so fucked up sorry.

anyway im not giving up on kiss just yet im actually very pleased with the ease of it.
and all that money im saving on nutes.

bottom line im just wondering if any of you think your yeild is just as good with just maxi and dry koolbloom?
i no everything else is on par in my grow since the swicth to kiss the only place i my be lacking is yeild.
sorry if i came off sounding fucked up oh yea i was fucked up.
and thanks for the responses


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is it just me or when i change to just novabloom 8ml/g i get plants looking like they dont get enuf nutes, most of the leaves are pale green (i also added liquided karma and epson salt into the res)


I also contacted Agrowchem to get some prices on bulk amino's of that specific profile. They should get back to me by tomorrow and we'll see what those are really worth.

So what did they say?

This was about Big Bud:
That amino acid content looks like it comes from some kind of plant matter, most likely some seaweed extract or alfalfa.

These are common and cheap additives, nothing extra.

Most plants contain the same ratios and percentages of these amino acids.



wonderful information.
thank you from a newbie
you are saving me bread str8 out of the gate!
thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts
and experiances.
fido from philly


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Hey gang! I'm pretty happy with the growth of the plants using this method. I should be chopping down the first two that have been bloomed with the MB this week (I cant wait)
I'm having a little issue and I don't know if it is a big deal or not...of the four strains I'm running right now, one seems to be having this issue. I am using the 1tsp/MB and have been adding 1/2-tsp epsom salt as well. If you can tell from these pictures, there are little white spots on some of the leaves. I've looked with a microscope and it is not pest related. What could it be? I never had this issue before using the 1 part.



check for thrips if not flush with ph 7 water, have you been spraying them anything while the light is on if so that could do it as well.


after further review calcium deficiency they are rusty , check runoff ph get to 6.5 might have to water at 7.7 to get your runoff at 6.5 you can go as high as 8 in soil.


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@evlme2-No I am not using RO water. I use well water which is a rather deep (~500') rock well. I do use the epsom salt to help out with the mag deficiency. Our water is a bit high in calcium.
@danks-I had thrips a few years ago and it's not that. Thanks though.


cal mag locks out at 6.4 and below in soil so that means that there is probably cal mag in the soil its just not taken up . your run off should be no lower then 6.4


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@evlme2-No I am not using RO water. I use well water which is a rather deep (~500') rock well. I do use the epsom salt to help out with the mag deficiency. Our water is a bit high in calcium.
@danks-I had thrips a few years ago and it's not that. Thanks though.

I am going to safely say you have plenty of mag in that water. Chances, at that high of base water ppm, the overload of cal is locking out mag.

I have the same kind of water. What I do is mix RO with my well water to reach 110-120 of base water ppm. Now it requires no calmag additives.


i had a quick question-

i have pro tekt silica for pH up, but i noticed at recommended dose of 1/2 tsp. a gallon the rise in pH is very minimal.
can you overdo silica supplements?

cause in order to raise my pH effectively with protekt i'd have to use a bunch of the stuff, much more than the recommended dose..

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