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The Haze Hybrid Thread


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damn that bud looks like some musty thick heaven smell. gotta agree with you on the haze A traits. those dark shiny skinny leaves with extra resin at base seem to be linked as a group. the leaf sensitity is also found in dj outback3 and most nld phenos on NH. i think it happens because lowland jungle plants really like dry medium like to a weird degree. the lowland ones will also have long internodes and stretch for the sky fast while they are fighting competitors who want to block them out. here is the outback 3 from Dj has that issue too

View attachment 18753379
View attachment 18753382
Yes they look similar to JH,those dark and very skiny leafs.


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P53 from hammerhead


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first dried cola off outback4 x djs nl5 aka mary. took her at 14 weeks from seed. cool messy compressed dread looking structure with square hollow stems and nodes stayed opposite thru flower. tester smoke was highly euphoric with quick onset and 2 hour effect. looks just like her outback mom but with fortified structure and resin. thanks to dj


she was cut down along with the fenotrigo outback3 x tlt northern vietnam. shes a transgressive pheno not found in either parents but probly a recombination involving the haze(c), hempy tia and vietnam. fan leaves strongly resemble a tia male pic i saw while the calyx growth is all grinspoon. if u pull on the calyx leaf it pops down like a music box lol. this lady is just what i was looking for to make further sativa outcrosses paired with the basal/primal ancestor line present in 69 haze progeny. the lighting is not great on this pic tho. coolest part of this lady is all the buds are single calyx stacks down to the very bottom. whereas sometimes fenotrigo will only appear at top.

heres a pic of them hanging gives a good idea of marys structure. the bud by the floor is fenotrigo#2


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well thats a great question using the genontype by sequence data that puts grinspoon and nevil haze at the base of the phylogenic chart ive been notating feautures that seem to be present only in these possible divergent types. since the gbs tells us they share an ancestor which is not present outside of the clade ive been digging thru every plant grown by myself, dj and most of all other growers to identify features common to those lines that i dont find in others. there are 2 big ones ive found so far something i call a "calyx cone" and the wild type seeds with the hole in the end. additionaly there is a trait where at the top of the plant the sugar/calyx leafes fold up with high density of sessile trichomes- the types that create cbc type cannbinoids, but its not really definitive enough to use yet.
so the outback fenotrigo #2 and the outback 3 x viet number 3 both have the "calyx cone" ive also found it in macs pics of sams haze line and extreme haze from stickyman2006 which uses the 150 day 91 sensi 5 haze clone tropical found which would only flower at 10/14, and alaskan ice (nevil haze x ww)

so the idea would be that these traits are part of a linkage group belonging to the basal line inherited from the exclusive ancestor they share. while there is certainly a fenotrigo pheno in all the lines listed- aryan haze 3, grinspoon, nevil haze, super silver haze, alaskan ice, nl5 haze mist- thats not really specific or discriminate enough to make any conclusions,
. i guess youd call that coorelation but not causation.
however the best unifier is the more ancient thc synthases ive posted which have only been found in haze, alaskan ice, korean and tibetan landraces. but the number of lines or clones which have been tested for thc synthase polymorphisms is quite low so i have to take what i can find.

so we know these characteristics are hiding inside the basal lines, but to pull them out the best way imo is to put known members of the clade to a probable ancestor. you know is old, the collection location close to the yunnan basal area identified by zhang in 2021, not used commercially and of a similar chemotype. dj identified this northern vietnam line from remote cat ba island as possesing traits from the 69 male progeny at a higher level then anything he had come across so far. that seems like the best line to see what can be pulled out. unlike a normal f1, the outback put to the vietnam threw out a huge pheno spread of the 9 plants maybe 2 were identical. the #3 and #2 from day 1 smelled like they were in flower and had these calyx cones. i at first thought i messed up my timer and mistaked them for pre flowers but it ended up being a good thing. even now the mother plants(which have never been flipped) have these cones and stink to high heavens.

but the only way to know for sure is to start crossing this to both landraces and other haze lines
and study the results. its just a starting off point, sure it will change a few times.



basal seed.jpg

this is a grinspoon seed but not mine. now i know this is a wild type trait in botany, but ive also noticed alot of throwback/freaks in tom hill, panama, congo red, korea and laos will mature their seeds outside of the seed pod and im wondering if their is a connection there.

is the hole where seed is connected to pod?


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Plenty.... :) Have tested only 10 seeds of the Mints BX. And still not shown the best plant yet.

Seen that you opened a thread about Original Diesel.
The Haze Mints is a little dieselish due to its pedigree. The golden phenos at least. And I have crossed it to my NL25 clone, that is definitively diselish and must be related to Diesel I am sure. May be I should search some testers for this stuff, but need to ask Gypsy the permission first.

Crossed the Haze Mints also to my pink Panama and pink Pan-o-haze mothers, of course. Etc...

The NL#25 mother...
View attachment 18743823 View attachment 18743822 View attachment 18743821 View attachment 18743824
this is an amazing cultivar!! does nl25 refer to nl2 x nl5? this sure looks like java "green clay" thats in the 84 pnw nl5. dammmn


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Nice! Gonna be some lonnnng spears. :)(y)

What EC and medium are you using?

Also how far along?
She is 6+ feet tall and about 3' wide.. I feed everything the same so between 1.1-1.3ec in Promic HP. I've found the more NLD plants prefer to be fed RO every 3 days. I don't reduce my EC I just feed more RO. She is only at 41 days.. The last plant was taken at 100 days


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Sometimes finding a boy isn't a sad affair. Finding a sexually stable haze boy to make haze hybrids.... well I thought you guys might like that

Going to let him mature and collect pollen, observe his characteristics. So far, pretty nice structure and node pattern, super early for haze though.

Of he passes muster, he will pollinate some...

Golden tiger 3
Bshw x ssh
MM Original haze
Sunshine daydream x f13

Before tom or Sam or chimera tells me what a sh*thead I am for not making a selection of hundreds, thousands, etc... well I just can't hahaha. Maybe one day.



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this is an amazing cultivar!! does nl25 refer to nl2 x nl5? this sure looks like java "green clay" thats in the 84 pnw nl5. dammmn

Number 25 from 52 seedlings in total.
And I think that pheno is a nl2 x nl5 or nl5 x nl2 expression. :)

To not be to completely off topic in this Haze hybrid thread:
that clone could be very similar to what Neville used in his haze hybrids.

And thanks for the info on the java green clay! @Piff_cat


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After running out of haze in my jars and a long indica heavy binge, I have let some moms go and got a new run coming out of the gates. A sativa hunt that has me excites. These beans are all 12-15 years old and I'm already seeing some tails less than 24 hours in water. So stoked for this run.


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