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The best and worst inventions ever


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`We should close the patent office because everything can be invented has already been invented´
- Charles H. Duell,Commissioner of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Year: 1899

I´ll make a start with some inventions I´m grateful for:
Washing machines, vacuum cleaners, tampons, condoms


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floss sticks? Is that dental care? I´ve notseen them where I live :)

The problem is not that new products are not being invented but rather that they are simply not being manufactured.
There are TONS of great products being invented all the time but finding a company to make and sell them? - That´s truly a long shot!
Story of my life.....


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Im not sure good or bad but im pretty sure its not gonna fly here lol


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tacos are pretty good

And it's "TACO TUESDAY!" Having Taquitos, guac and a margarita watching the fireworks tonight. Maybe popcorn later.

Scrubbing ,my glass bubbler too ISO, then Peanut Butter Breath for tonight's results! ;o)

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