Super Platinum Cookies

mack 10

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This strain loves a bit of defoliation.
At around the 1month veg stage,
Remove All shade leafs.
Then once again ,as needed .
The buds will thank you for it.
Likes being topped but give plenty of recovery time.
Strain is quiet bomb proof to cold,
Over, under feeding. Etc..
Also, it really helps to fat up your buds if you only keep the best, most brightly lit buds and remove anything that is not a main head.
Goes nice and purp.

Smoke report soon.


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It's been way past 4-5 weeks. What happened to the smoke report? Your last post (10/2/19) says you'll start some f2s soon.

EDIT: oops datee was 10/11/19
NICO, it has now been a few weeks.. no report yet? or was it a bust?


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I boughtem, regs, started 3 (12/29/19). They all germed normally and during veg, 5/16 took clones and the moms went into bloom lighting. 2 of the 3 were females. But for the first time ever, none (3) of the clones from each of the 2 females never rooted. The moms which went back into veg, havent yet put up any usable cutting nominees. They both are stacked buddage but havent reverted yet since 5/16 when they were sexed, cloned. and back into veg..
One cutting did drop a 1/16" rootling but then bailed on the rest of life.Is there some cloning oddity to them? I use a bubble cloner with tap water, never had zero root out of 3 cuts from any strain.

Nico Farmer

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NICO, it has now been a few weeks.. no report yet? or was it a bust?

Like I said before in post #12:

Hi all,

This UPC is a top strain; nice sweet cookies* aroma, good musky OG/anised smell and taste. Correctly potent, with a good balanced buzz.
Good job to Gorilla's seeds, congrats mates and your Skunk male bring a good homogenity to the cross.

Like Mack said, cut can produce better yields.

I make a second run with clones, and it is always a delicious cross.
Hard colorfull buds, good yielder, with great flavor and taste, cookies pungeant smoke.