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High Grade Submit your ICMag Amsterdam Interview Questions - Sam Skunkman, Simon (Serious Seeds), K.C. Brains and Soma


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Haze has always been colombian... Sam just tried to be transparent by mentioning how they also tried Ohaze x Thai..... Ohaze x Kerala.... and people interpreted things in their own way. Overlooking the fact that he always said OHAZE x blank... hence Ohaze x Thai doesnt = Ohaze... Reminds me of how people loosely interpret a famous book, and mold their perceptions on their own narratives.

Id really like to hear a bunch of stories of the good times... The golden era perhaps.... Stories of strains they wish they never lost... Strains and buds they have searched for over the ages.... Effects they experienced one time and have searched for since..... The most fun events, or situations they had meeting people... Or travels to get seeds/meet people...

Their favorite routines, or what they considered their peak lifestyle/routines...... The most fun gardening times they had, or best systems/routines and situations they were in for growing and breeding..

Also maybe ask for some tips on being neat/orderly, and organizing a good breeding program... Things to search for in plants, and traits or behaviors to recognize in quality plants or unique cannabinoids.
@Dr.Young what is Ohaze man?


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Literally the first sentence I said......and you quoted it... Come on dude. The first step smart people take, to be smart, is to question if they are stupid.


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For Sam: Do you recall seeing many Indian dominate haze pheno's back in the beginning? There seems to be plenty of Thai or Columbian Variation, the Indian and to a lesser part the Mexican is less talked about.



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I would like to triple down and ask Simon about New Kali Mist and what phenos does he find...I know its more sativa in the new version ....from his posting here

Sam, I would love to know what he thinks about the Thai roll out

What pure Thai/Lao seed lines do you think are the best?

Could he put up a pure Thai/Lao @cultivators choice? What would it be?

plans for future cultivation projects ?

What Thai is used in Thunk?

What Mexican in Mex/Original Haze sk#1?

What Old Mexican Lines do you have or think is the best?:smokeit:
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I'm starting to write-up the questions spread-sheet - for the 4 breeders to be interviewed now - so will again ask if any members here have any more questions for Soma - Sam_Skunkman - Simon and KCBrains - that I might include when I meet them in around a weeks time -


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What is the exact story behind his Amnesia Haze and does it contain the Original Amnesia from Zwiep?

What F-Generation his cultivars are.. cause there are misleading informations about. I would like to know, which ones are F1 and which are further bred.

Sam Skunkman:
If there's any chance to bring back Original Haze back in the game in Europe... maybe via AceSeeds or whatever.

KC Brains:
What happened to the T.N.R.? Cause it's not the same like back in the days, where it was an outstanding Outdoor-Cultivar for the german climate.

I'm very curious about these interviews!


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If you dont mind paying w/bitcoin Todd will ship to you...

If you want Sams work thats about as direct as it get for pure original haze seeds


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