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Strawberry banana and Skywalker kush auto under sp6500


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2 days ago the last skywalker was cut :





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I see you are a fan of Sweet Seeds, it's a great bank for feminized. I have grown many strains of them, if you haven't done them I recommend Bigfoot and Wild Rose they are the ones that have remained in my heart.


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okay , let' s go for numbers ...

3 Skywalker's og gave me 402 grams ,
the one which finihes fastest and was not well fed gave 160 grams ,

this one one was not exceptional ( my bad ) ,

the two others was nice for one , and very nice for the other ...

i love kush's weed and to be honnest i did prefer the killer kush auto than this one ,
but just my opinion .

the other side of this grow is really GREAT with the strawberry banana auto !