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High Everyone! :wave:

Just in time for the New Year our latest indica strain has been added to our catalog: SPEED QUEEN

An update to our online catalog is pending due to a change in our web authoring software. So I am including all strain details and photos here in the meantime.


10 Deluxe seeds/15,- Euros

Genetics: mostly indica

Contains land race genetics from Himachal Pradesh, North India

Flowering time: 55 days

Outdoor (up to 45° latitude/greenhouse): September

Yield: 400-450 gr/m2 (dry weight)

the "surfers" choice - a stimulating, and balanced indica buzz that does not put you to sleep. Pleasantly relaxing yet leaves plenty of energy for social activities and is a great daytime grass.

The latest addition to our seed catalog is at the same time our fastest flowering strain. Speed Queen is a stocky and tough indica with a thick main stem (green or with distinct scarlet coloring) and fleshy leaves. She carries compact and resiny buds that have great "bag appeal" after drying. One pheno has the delicious aroma of orange and citrus. The other mixes this freshness with a more pungent/skunky note. This indica will fit well into grow spaces where shorter plants are required. Outdoor cultivation is possible up to the 45° latitude or in a greenhouse. To a large extent the bud leaves are covered with THC glands, but harvesting is a quick operation since all buds remain nice and chunky. Speed Queen is not finicky or difficult to grow. Due to her vigor and quick flowering time this strain is perfect for novice gardeners, and SOG cultivation that aims for max. number of crops per year.

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I was thinking about the Speed Queen for an outdoor grow in Colombia, how do you think they do down here?


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Mr mike i bought three packs of these and five packs of your hashberry. At these prices you cant pass them up. Looking forward to gettin them in the rotation. Im sure they are going to be a excellent addition to the grow room. Thanks for the great price.
@ chuckyoufarley: wishing you a great grow with your pack!

@ peterpan: thanks for your support and confidence in our strains! We look forward to any feedback you may have.

@ redone:
MandalaMike said:
Outdoor cultivation is possible up to the 45° latitude or in a greenhouse.

Results will depend on your regional climate this year and length of daylight.

Edit: ok, now I got it that you are located at the equator! :wink:

Since you have a semi-arid climate where you are located and lot's of sunshine during the day the plants should do relatively well. Make sure that the soil is sufficiently rich in nutrients if you are using locally available substrate.
Put the pots out of the rain when you have downpours so they don't get waterlogged and to prevent any mold during late flowering.
At night bring them in because the temps at night are pretty low (40F) at 2.700 m. In the worst case, due to the extremes in temp and the harsh UV, the odd plant may develop some male flowers. After all, it's hardy cross but not acclimatized like a landrace strain. :wink: Remove the male flowers (usually at the internodes) and observe the plant for further development.
It would be very interesting to see how Speed Queen copes under these conditions and I wish you much success.

Hashy regards,
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Hey thanks Mike, I live almost on top of the equator in Colombia South America. There is no seasons so I can grow year round but the altitude (2,700m) keeps the temps down but never freezes. Should be interesting to see how the Queen does down here.
8cyril8 said:
:wave: Mike
Just got one pack to try the Speed Queen.

Great! Thanks for checking out one of our strains. :joint:

We finally got our website updated and everything is running smoothly again. Speed Queen is now in our online catalog and a photo gallery will be set up soon.
Any photos from Mandala growers are appreciated. We like to keep the galleries filled with your authentic plant pics!

DC502 said:
Just ordered a pack and looking foward to grow them!

High! We are keen on receiving any feedback you may like to share later on...
Well, I thought of sharing this recent photo from a grower - 3 young Speed Queens heading for flowering soon.



Thanks Mike for these beautiful seeds. Got them yesterday! I wanted to start these seeds out around april but it might be too cold. I can't keep them inside so what do you think I should do?

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How much the thc content in the Speed Queen?

"daytime weed, the surfers choice, not put you to sleep" I hope it hasn't got low THC content!

Mike, Should I worry about it?

New Grower said:
"daytime weed, the surfers choice, not put you to sleep" I hope it hasn't got low THC content!

That would be news to me.
I can see you don't know a lot of surfers...*lol*
what makes you think grass which is not narcotic is low in THC?

Anyway, no need to worry. All our strains have good to excellent potency.


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I need to know more about this strain cause I don't know what can I expect. This is a new strain with almost no respons.

What kind of weed likes the surfers? strong but not narcotic?

Dude if its anything like kalichakra, I can tell you, Its 12pm, I'm about to go to a very busy pub, I've had a hash joint and I'm totally high, but still wanting to go. I'm not baked, I've got no desire to sit on my sofa till 3am, then possibly fall asleep either.
New Grower said:
I need to know more about this strain cause I don't know what can I expect.

Well I am asking myself what the purpose of the strain info is in that case! :chin:
It's got a pretty detailed description of the buzz and if you look at the reports from growers on the other Mandala strains they coincide with the strain info's quite accurately.
I can't do more than refer to the strain info and repeat what I have already said: we don't carry strains with inferior potency.
If you have a high THC tolerance from heavy smoking habits you can choose a dominant sativa like Satori or Kalichakra for that extra kick, or churn out ice hash from your harvest.


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How big yield what can I expect from this strain outdoor? (in good conditions from a 6 feet tall plant)

I heard somewhere that I can expect around 800 g. Is it true?