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SourGrape 2013


Ancient Alien
hey Tony green that last pheno I did cured for about 2 months is an awesome full on grape after taste, slight sweetness 1 new york joint gets 4 people high for hrs, peace man and I dig your goods

Hope to get a taste of her after I master my SB!


Ancient Alien
Sour Grape 2015

Sour Grape 2015

might as well keep the SG thread alive. Now that i liv in a legal state i can post pics without being Paranoid Ehh! here is my Fav SG Fem under t5 now but soon to be finished under LED


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Ancient Alien
here is SG # 1 just put in flower lets see how she likes LED


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Bubblegum Specialist
Sour Grape has shown to be a better yielded than Grape Punch and I prefer it. It also seems very stable with good yields of very frosty buds. It has become one of our top sellers.

Thanks for the continued participation. Bog :)


Ancient Alien
not a great pics just a quick shot lookin forward to seein her finsish


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Active member
I love me some SOUR GRAPE, here is a old run but a good run! :biggrin:


1 plant and only about 3-4 foot tall! :dance013:

A big hats off to the folks at B.O.G. :tiphat:


Ancient Alien
Looks real nice Shaggy,,,,,, here is SG 1 and 2 lookin at middle of Oct to the end for the chop


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Also, I remember reading that Bogglegum has a grape pheno that smells/tastes of Big League Chew grape flavor. Is that pheno in this strain too or do these all have the red wine smell that has been mentioned? I would love to try BOG seeds that have the best grape flavor.