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Sour Bubble 2nd bx Demo Grow by BOG

Sour Bubble 2nd bx Demo Grow by BOG

  • I love the way it grows so short and dark green...

    Votes: 7 12.5%
  • I think it looks like the tastiest bud around BOG.

    Votes: 10 17.9%
  • I don't even care how it tastes because I heard its most potent of all.

    Votes: 17 30.4%
  • A new bubblegum flavor and so tight budded? No brainer BOG.

    Votes: 22 39.3%

  • Total voters


Ok i'll keep checking my mail box. hehe....Dam is gonna be fun i never road a bike there yet.

Harry Gypsna

Dirty hippy Bastard
Damn BOG m8 BX3 ready...u know thats what Im putting my name down on the list for, LOL... Hey, I have a present for u when we meet up at the cup...I picked up the most amazing packet of skins I have ever seen in my life, so I got a few to give to m8s in the dam.
About how soon before we can get some of these beans? I would love to try them, given the experiance I have had with your Medley beans. It's like they grow theirselves, I water and on occasion give them some food. Are the Sour Bubbles as easy to grow?


Bubblegum Specialist
Fredster, you are going all out now arent you. One caution I have for you in your zeal is that you have a load of nutes there and you may want to overfeed. Use care when combining treatments and as a rule at first use much less than the recommended amounts. Remember young plants need little feed if in good soil mix and it shouldn't be too strong either. Just a feeding soil can feed a plant pretty well for the first 3 weeks. I hope you will start in 1 qt pots and do a couple transplants along the way. That just helps speed the rooting process and each transplant allows the plant new soil as a buffer and to root into keeping the roots healthy. Good luck Fredster. BOG


Bubblegum Specialist
This is over so let the SB 3 test threads begin!

This is over so let the SB 3 test threads begin!

Thanks for coming everyone. BOG :wave:


New member
Beautiful lady! I'm 28 days in on some BX3 and 4 pack seeds. I have one that has a bazooka joe bubblegum smell and the other curly leaf and chemmy-ish. It isn't always the weight that matters when it comes to quality like that! :)


New member
As far as the poll goes all of the qualities make it great. it is a success to find one or two great traits in a strain let alone these four. My vote is not on the board and is also very important. Its quick growth