some pics of stabalized F7 MF

I realize that most breeders select their breeding stock by phenotype and bouquet of the flowers. I choose another route. These are some pictures of my Sensi Seeds mother's finest. These seeds were purchased from Sensi a few months after Mother's Finest won best sativa at CC 2002. I have been line breeding this strain ever since (with the exception of two out-door seasons).
The F2 and F3 generations were so funky (as advertised) that I almost gave up on the strain. It was throwing a whole variety of phenotypes, nothing extremely Afganica but a whole rainbow of intermediate forms on up to a thin leafed southern sativa type, not too unlike a southern Indian sativa.

However there was something about the high end of the high that was uniquely complete. I have at present, over twenty different varieties growing. Everything from KindPeoples' great looking Cookie Frost (girl scout cookies X platinum cookies) to Marsar Shariff X White Rhino, to shit you never heard of, like Standardized Messiah (Blue Dream X Malangi landrace) or Cherry Coke (Cherry Pie X MF), like many of you do, and they all have their good qualities or I wouldn't bother growing them. But like nine times out of ten during the day (and night) it's the F7 Mother's Finest that I reach for -- without further thought.

I grew this over the years, always line breeding (using both a male and female from the new generation for the next seeds. Always growing from seed, and always selecting for one thing and one thing alone -- the high. Every year I seeded anywhere from six to thirty of my best females and kept every plant seperate all the way through the cure, and only then when they had all been equally cured and a little aged would I select the finest high from the breeding pool. And by finest I mean what I like, I like soaring euphoric highs that are welcoming and friendly, without anxiety or annoying symptoms, but without a ceiling.

I think the fact that I personally continually chose this strain to vape over all kinds of other strains says it all. By the way, I grow in a frame with nylon netting, totally organic, under the sun, but in pots. I only use beneficial insects to control pest. (green lacewings are killer, also fungus gnat killing nematodes work great but they must be delivered to your door before sun-up to be used immediately -- and then your fungus gnats will meet their doom.

To me, cannabis grown indoors under lights, completely isolated from the natural environment -- obviously can produce powerful herb, that smells and looks great. And I am telling you that even the highest priced nuggs, grown in the equivalent of cage grown chickens, do not have the top end that I have specifically breed for over ten years with this strain.

During the course of my decade long selective breeding, I managed to breed out almost all of the odor of the growing plant (not on purpose) just as a side effect of choosing for a particular kind of cosmic ecstatic high. The first few years all my neighbors were able to enjoy the smell of my grows when they were outside. Now you can put your nose right in amist one of them and if you don't bump it, you will hardly smell them.

The flowers do have a wonderful bouquet when cured, they smell like ambrosial cola. LIke a Coke from heaven. They taste like that too is you vaporize. If you smoke, it is much more subtle, very smooth, but without a lot of taste until the second half when you are basically smoking resin that condensed on the cooler end of the joint, it does get quite tasty at the end, but not like the unique cola odor of the flowers and vapor.

I think that I have fulfilled the promise that Mother's Finest contained, and got rid of alot of the undesirable aspects. Now it is totally stabalized as a sativa dominante intermediay strain, which is always the same. Oh, and because it has been line breed for eight generations now, when it is crossed with other line-breed, or landrace, or even the tired old crossed and recrossed and rerecrossed Hazes, and such, when you cross with a stablized linebreed strain, you experience real hybrid vigor and not just the avoidance of undesirable recessives. The hybrids explode. They sometimes grow roots right through fiber pots.

If you crack open a vacuum packed jar someday, and it smells like Coca Cola, there is a good chance it is a descendent of one of these F7s from two years ago. It has been seeping out, despite my efforts to retain all seed, and there are a hell of a lot of breeders around these parts.

This year my selected seed will give F9s.
Unfortunately when I looked up strain reviews for Mother's Finest. the top google return was from KindReviews. And it was quite literally the stupidest review of a strain I have ever read.

The person couldn't get over the fact that they were experiencing pressure in their face. And they obviously had some inferior product. As for the pressure thing. Think headband. Think the funny crowns that the Egyptian pharohs used to wear, that sort of outlined the sinus cavities. This is were one feels a certain energy when one is approaching lift off, and that is why the crowns were shaped like that. If you are high enough you can feel it yourself right now, above the eyebrows, by the ears, in the area of the amygdala, in different areas of your head. It is very pleasant, unless you are some know-nothing writer who never noticed anything like that before. I go on to much. . . .
Can't you see them? They are of about seven or eight plants from two years ago, with maybe two weeks to a month to still go before harvest. That round thing in one of them is the top to a Hagendaz ice cream container, for scale. NOt a great pic, sorry, Not a great camera.
I should point out that there are several Afganis in two of the pictures. Sour Diesels I think. They are just co-habituating they don't actually cross ethnic lines sexually. All the MF are now exactly the same intermediate pheno.


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Interesting story but i don't see pics too, maybe you need 50 messages to show your albums ? i dont know
Oh, damn -- thanks for pointing that out. I was unaware of the 50 posts rule. I do read and enjoy this site very much, but if my posting history is any indication, it will take a while until I can post pics. MY apologies.

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