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Some Nice African and Foreign Girls, to Flower.

I have 10 Clones and 4 Seedlings,They were put into flower Last night.

My Cab,

Lighting, 12/12
158w CFL (Cool and Warm,also should be increasing)

Soil, 5 parts,STD potting soil,3 parts Warm castings,1/2 part Fine dolomite lime,2 parts perlite,1/2 part vermiculite, Rock phospahte,Mycoroot,1 part High Indonesian bat guano.

Water, Staright tap water its 7.0 here which rocks my socks.

They have all vegged for 5 days (according to most awesome blynx)

But as of today we wait for some buds.

The seedlings I intend on checking for sex and flowering those out when ready, but the clones are all fem and ready for action.

In the gene pool we have, Original DP, Guava ,Spanish Indica (seen the mom she looks like weed jesus the girl),NLxPM (northernlightsxPurple Magic), bbgxNYCD/DCxPTK, 3rd gen swazi.

I am very excite, :greenstars:

My temps are Perfecto, sitting at 30 Degrees (on) 10 Degrees (of)
this does wonders for colour.

Please if you choose to follow,if you see anything you think might help dont hesitate,we are all here to learn about Mary.

Looking forward to comments.

Namaste :Joint:
This Grow is in honor of my Friend who Burnt to Death this Wednesday,

Go in piece my friend and I hope the pot is Good in the Universe.

Namaste :joint:
Okay so the little ladys have been in Flower for 11 days now I will put some pics up tomorrow, I have Repotted one or two, The seedlings are already looking tops,

I have noticed that the DP isnot strecthing as much as the rest,

If anyone is willing to answer, I halfed one of my Guavas and the lights are 12/12 will this plant now stay short and flower or will it split and grow more bud? theres one for ya?

Please dont be strangers and feel free to comment and suggest.


Namaste :joint:


Well I never do any topping of the plant after I flip the flowering time to 12/12. I do all trimming beforee the flip, yes that plant will most likley be stunted. 5 day veg isnt much of a veg really, can I ask why? Just room conditions or perpetual grow to keep em small?
Yeah I need a decent amount of weed rolling over so I dont have to go through the devils areas to get,

I have been watching Disco Biscut alot he has some crazy midget methods, I noticed he does most his manipulation during flower,

I took some pics last night but I will post them this w/e

Namaste :joint:
Kay so now its a 320w CFL grow, woo hoo, only thing is Im having heat issues as it is hot here f*#king hot here, Any suggestions?

I will show you the lights I got now.

Namaste :joint:
I know its a slow moving thread but jeez atleast give me shit or something?

ha ha ,, Come on is no one curious to see all the African Goodness?


Day 17.

I would post pics but they have been struggling a bit so not looking so good, but they are on the mend, It was a small virus that spread, I got me so nice fixer uppers though.

Namaste :joint:
Got some pics done, alot has happened but I will wait for you to ask Jeez!

Got some pics done, alot has happened but I will wait for you to ask Jeez!

Hey Check out the DP i got As pure as pure can be.

Beautiful, the other Fem I have used for some seeds, I have crossed the DP with the BBGxNYCD / DCxPTK (thats right Im making chronic.)

This is the Cab, 2 x 160w Daylight CFL's.
and 2 little warm whites coz I got nowhere to put em.

Little guy began to mutate and then showed me his nuts, so I killed the bastard, his brother was awesome and is mating with my DP .:)

Here is the Guava (african fruit) looks simmilar to my last Swazi 3rd gen.

Please will people be interested now. thanks

Namaste :joint:


Take A Deep Breath
Looking good, Arthur..... my hat is off to anyone who tries to grow those sativa ladies under CFLs....and anyone making their own hybrids is always a good thing in my book.

It's always tricky to tell from photos.....but you might be able to get slightly better light distribution by flattening those (DIY?) relectors a bit, and slapping some flat white paint on the walls (they look unpainted).

30 daytime down to 10 at night seems a big differential.....does that mimic actual conditions in your area?

Keep it coming, and don't worry about lack of comments.....more people will chime in as the frost starts to show, I'm sure.
@Blimey, Thanks for the kind words, I got the material for the reflectors from a wine box(?) i know wierd, I will be sorting out the relection situation in there ASAP, just time being the issue.

Im not to sure what you meant by the 30, daytime down question,

But my photoperiod is 12/12, those big CFL's are 160w Daylight, i find the Sativas prefer this as they are african (sun) and arrid plants, the others simply always surprise me.

I get decent buds for the daylight CFL's and there 320w of them altogether.

@ganjasuitseat, Thanks dude. wait till theres some sugar then it can be a full length Private Production.... :)

Thanks guys you are cool for thinking im slighly cool.

Namaste :joint:


Take A Deep Breath
Im not to sure what you meant by the 30, daytime down question,

Just where you said your temperatures were 30 during the daytime and 10 at night.

20 degrees celcius is quite a difference between day and night temps....but I guess that might resemble what actually happens outdoors in your area?
Yeah the Durban still has a little while till actually significant to smoke,

The rest are all new to me but they have been very slow and they are healthy so I assume another month or so and I will have some dankness,

I have recently popped 5 swazi and 2 JMxDC/PTK so I hope they move a bit quicker,

Just making sure theres always something to grow. :)

Thanks for stopping in.

Namaste :joint: