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slow log...like a grow log, only slower


this will mainly be pictoral and ramblings of a bumbling alchemist
pictures soon, from a friends camera to their email to mine to my computer to here...
what we have now is a soil mix containing a formula i got from cc...1/2 peat, 1/4 perlite, 1/4 ewc. mixed in appropriate amts of rock dust crab meal neem seed meal and kelp...away we went...when we potted up they got recycled soil
its now 4, two blue dreams, a vanilla kush and a jedi kush in 25 gallon pots under 2400w
we moved to a better place
soil didnt move, so the new girls got fuck-farm for a few weeks.
one of each is goin into flower tent tonite or tomorrow, and when the 4 girls are done, the superskunk male whose name is 'big-dick o'malley from dat valley down in cali" will be sprayin his stuff for a couple weeks. the room will be rinsed and other girls brought in, but seeds made, supoerskunk by blue dream, SLH, vanilla, tahoeog, rpk and a few others
gotta work now. had surgery recently, and i gotta move, it hurts.


So 1 pallet of peat is 30 bales of 3.0 ft, is 90', is 3.3 yards, i think
3.3 yards of compressed peat is about 6 yards of peat, with 10 yards of pumice on the way(half is another persons). lots of seeds from terratorial seeds in cottage grove ready (yes, we grows more than medicine).
so, if 12 yards is 324 feet, i think, 12 yards of base(50% peat, 25% pumice, 25% compost/ewc) then what would be the ammendments amounts??

I was thinking like 440 pounds of powdered azomite, 440 pounds of basalt, and 440 pounds of glacial rock dust. with 1 40# sack of gypsum thrown in. what about the calphos powder?
is 120# of crab meal about right? thats about 250 cups
50# of the good neem meal, maybe another 50 of down to earth. if not, then 150# down to earth neem meal
40# organic alfalfa meal
100# kelp meal
20# endo-miccoriz-whatever, micronized 100000 propagules
am i missing much? this will be water only, but automated if we can get solar up there
plus teas
will substitute horse tail ferns and nettle for some of the alfalfa and neem, if theres any out yet, by the coast..
any help is appriciated


LOVE Territorial Seed Co.!

Don't ask me to help you with the math, that's what I've got my husband for.

I'll also suggest looking around your area, see what's growing well, consider using that for FPEs and such instead of remaining married only to a few things. I'm not sure that they'd substitute for Neem, however.

Know that rice hulls are rich in potassium silicate (K2SiO3, that's what you're after the horsetail fern for, yes?).
hey al-k-mist, thought i'd mention that if you are adding endomycorrhizae to your plants, that it is more cost efficient to add it to each individual plant, instead of mixed into the soil as a whole. the myco's are applied directly to the plants root at one instance (like at transplant time, or add it to the seed cube you germinate in), and that completes the mycrohhizal infection.


Yes, Cannawhoop, I know..thats just one of the things on the list for monday or tuesday. But I apriciate you letting me know
Thanks for the tips, seamaiden. the rice hlls sounds good, except the horsetail ferns grow by the zillions. We do wildcrafting, teamaking and soapmaking as well as gardening, and were thinking about gathering those when we go for other stuff.
is there a formula for how much food scraps can be consumed/converted by 1 lb worms in 1 day?... have found several sites that offer 5-10 lb of redworms and nightcrawlers, but its kind of an investment. (people charge crazy prices for this shit, and dont even understand the truth...one person told me i would need no other fertilizer. (ha)
anyways, i think ive figured a way to do pics...maybe.
i will do a proper thread with this, but for anyone reading, this is DANK medicine:
1/2 cup cannabutter. not margerine, or coconut oil. vegans can use earth balance, i guess
1 cup turbinado sugar (organic demerara sugar)
2 cups heavy cream
7oz organic corn syrup (azure standard).
melt butter, add everything except 1 cup of the cream. hot as you can get it. when it begins to really boil, then SLOWLY drizzle the other cup of cream in, so slow that it takes a few min, and doesnt stop boiling
stir as it boils, for like 10 minutes, but the only way i can describe the end of the cooking is that it begins boiling and foaming and forms a folded-looking pattern on the surface that looks like brains
at this point its optional to add a pinch of salt and/or a dash of vanilla extract...or anything else
pour into a pan and let cool, and cut these caramels into squares. 2 oz of small buds gave 1/2 cup(2 sticks) gives about 30 super potent pain relief caramels that are so yummy, one eats more...like im getting ready to do
this was in a canna cookbook years ago


High, everyone.
Today is tuesday PM. just took some teenage ladies and placed them in the flowering room. By the time they begin to show, the other ladies will be finished. At that time, like maybee 12 or 13 days, we shall pot up the girls we took up there tonight, and bring the stud, "Big Dick O'Malley, from a valley down in Cali". He is a Presidential Superskunk, inbred in the socal mountains since right after Jerry Garcia died in '95. anyways, this male was chosen in february of last year, or march, and kept alive(a clone of himself) until time and space and planning(or lack there-of) allowed the breeding to take place. Anyways, he was chosen for his vigor among the vigorous plants, but among those determined to be male, his was a very "lemon-pledge" scent, along with the skunkiness. MMM-mmm, i hope that transfers to his progeny
The girls we plan to have him pollinate, are , from seed, clones of: royal purple kush,(fast and unique smell/taste) Cheese from Dinafem(super prolific grower and STIIINKS, really skunky)blueberry headband(yeaaaah, smell, taste, early, yummy)..and Q9..question, cant recall strain, from the Flower Mafia kids, but it had 9 blades on the leaves of both clones we got, now only seeing 7. hence the name Q9. and Super lemon haze. looks like sawtooth blades, for real, more serrated than any other leaf ive seen
the clone only ones are Willies, Blue Dream, Jack Herer, MJ (thats what its called., i guess michael jordan) and the tahoe cut, OGKUSH.
plans are to let these stretch and develop more nodes...as the pistils start poppin, we'll bring in the male...holy shit, LOTS of beans.
and, OF COURSE, we will mbe giving plenty of them away, even here on this site(mostly to oregon patients, though)
good night, check out brent mydland, crooning about us not being able to hide from the destruction we have caused the earth. The Grateful Dead kick ass.


So,, im a dumb-ass. didnt know i could download a program from internet to allow my computer to use her camera.
now i gotta figure how to add pics big, in the thread, but for now, i will upload to my photos, and take many more, now that we got somethin to work with
so while they upload in another window, this is whats going on, on the farm
we got the greenhouse spot leveled...probably going in this week
the jedi kush came down, some PM, which the kombucha didnt totally knock out, so it was donated to the wax pile
the vanilla may come down in a few daze, also the blue dreams. the male was also placed in the grow room 2 days ago
pumice scored, a trip to concentrates taught a lesson(that a half ton truck shouldnt hold 1.5 tons, and go down the freeway) but now we are almost set for the soil building...getting compost tomorrow, and its a wrap! more work, but the acquisition finished
pics are done, its just one of the indoor setup right now, 4 x 600w hps, dehumid and 6" vortex, fresh air to cool hoods. soon the ac and co2
oh, last pic is last years GH




edit, i figured out the picture thing...duh!


water from the earth, or, spring box and gravity feed water

water from the earth, or, spring box and gravity feed water

Think i got the photo thing down, so check out todays work.
I wish I had more money, and time, and less pain. Step one in this mini tutorial is do it better than Alchemist...he's a fuckin clown. a 55gal foodsafe drum would work way better
I found a source of water. its slow, but we shall see what it does, and if it dries up.fuck it, ill dig deeper...it just has to bee gravity feed. The point is approx 12' above the little pond, vertically,. but a little more than 400' of poly pipe in distance
So, I rigged this stuff up. TChe last place we lived, the dude had a similar setup, and i saw it twice, in the woods. that was how i learned how to rig a spring box from a 5gallon bucket, and gravity feed the water to the pond(where we will siphon to the tanks, so pond can refill, etc)

i dug a spot for the bucket. i drill;ed a shitload of holes, 5/32", in a bunch of rows on the bucket, about 6" X 3", and more
thats the inside, but u see the point.
I had no sheet metal, which i saw on the other one, so i cut a dust pan(Im sorry babe, i was on a roll) to fit the 5 gallon bucket, kind of. shoulda sealed it to the bucket so id get all the water.
anyways, i scraped a little area for the dustpan to channel the water to my holes, the dustpan is wedged in the mud/rock...this is like 12' down from the spring coming out of the ground and running in a small rut. I wanted the water flow, to direct it

3/4"poly pipe into the bottom, about 4" up, with an elbow fitting, opening pointed up, so sediment doesnt get sucked in (tried to take a pic, h2o still murky)...this runs out the bottom, 400, down a slow slope, to the pond


Dang, lots of stuff goin on here, very impressive. Love the water source, whenever i take the time to bring back spring(kinda a side note but http://www.findaspring.com/ is a pretty cool site for finding springs, i got water at one thats been tested and the water has not even seen an atomic bomb been underground so long) or pond water the plants always love it.

Also it looks like we might have the same ballasts. Do yours have an option for running them at 1150w? and if so have you played around with it at all?

Anywho, great stuff dude, hope you dont mind me ending with a little quote: "All things are in the universe and the universe in all things" - Giordano Bruno


Thanks for stopping in. Thanks for that link, too...will chk it out later on. Im sure it will come in handy.
not sure about the 1150. i know they have 3 settings, but i think its 50%, 75%, and 100% of 600w......ipower brand


It looks like that findaspring dot com is about public springs, with a map of where they are and an encouragement to submit any springs you may know about...and so when one is traveling, they can access good water
but I really wouldnt want ANYONE to come near my spring, unless its family, and then only the humans.


Thanks for stopping by
I think theres ACRES of poison oak. eye is just about swollen shut.
I wonder if concentrated vinegar or limonene will kill it? or if I will have to remove it all by hand... i mean, really, it is everywhere
got fencing for the gardens and orchards, 2nd greenhouse is almost done. work work work

But we made bubble this evening, and used the Hakko-dash to vaporize that shit!!!

The male in the grow-room is showing his stuff.

I hope that I am correct in my assumption that, after the ladies are pollinated, I can clean the room and rinse them off outside, like a rainstorm, and there will be no trace of pollen in the growroom.
or did i just do a dumb thing?

high life 45

Seen your Member?
Nice! Looking good.

Ever thought about goats for the poison oak?

Mangoes are also in the toxidendron family with poison oak and sometimes help people get over the reaction. You could try gettin some organic mangoes.


You have a nice little sunny spot hollowed out there. Does it get sun all day?



Goats will do the trick I'd imagine, might need alot of fence though. Nice garden and nice spot!!


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Very cool indeed.... I just bought a decent size plot and will be putting up a couple greenhouses when the ground dries up. Did you buy a kit or you building it from raw materials?

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