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Sleestack x Skunk#1 - Cultivator's Choice - Koon in uncharted territory


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Hi there,
for a long time I'm fantasising about growing some old school stuff, possibly by Sam...so I got some packs of Sleestack x Skunk#1 along some others of his hybrids and since I'll run a few other 10-12 week hybrids the Sleestack x Sk#1 was the one to fit well in the expected time frame.
I have no real idea about this hybrid but expecting good things from the pedigree and a few descriptions around the net.

Popped and put in soil just 4 seeds this time, one is already showing the tiny neck, so expecting all 4 will be up by tomorrow. All popped in 2 days after soaking, now they sit in cups with an organic light soil mix, will get transplanted in 11L pots after revealing their sex.
Along with the Sleeskunks there will be some Silver Nevil and Far Out plants(fem seeds).

More updates with photos in the coming weeks.



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Thanks guys and welcome to the show :)
Checked them this morning and 3/4 are above the ground and starting to push the first leaves. Got me pretty excited to be honest :)



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I grew it years ago when it first came out. It's easy to do inside in a tent with a good yield and makes really good finger hash, etc. sticky!

DNA Genetics did the Sleestack part, now I'm thinking seriously about running it again. :)


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First update:
Started 4 seeds, got 3 plants, all three are pretty similar and very vigorous, they're the most vigorous of all I popped this round.
Obviously hoping for 3 females but will need a few weeks for a proper gender reveal :)
I rubbed the stems and #1 is a stinker and looks the most dangerous of all.
So far I really like these plants, uniform growth and healthy, I have a suspicion they prefer a bit more nutrients than average, well see how the leaf color will change after fertilizing.
Pics coming soon.


Does anyone know or hopefully Breeders Retail could drop some infos if there will be any promotion on Cultivator's Choice Seeds in the near future? I think I need to get some more packs ASAP :) WWx SK#1 is highest on my list.


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Great to see you trying the cultivators choice lines and am sure you will love the results. Do stock up on the WW x SK1 and WR x SK1 very very recommended! Also POG x HK BX absolutele gem of an old school plant vars. Happy growing Koondense!


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First photo update.

Sleestack x Skunk#1


Sleeskunks are very vigorous, growing happily and without issues. I'm honestly a bit surprised to see how good they look, was expecting some troubles(I have no idea why) but so far they are the biggest plants of my autumn run. Still no sexing but they will soon, expecting it in a week time, right after they will be transplanted and go in 12/12 flower mode.
Thinking about keeping a male if it turns out it's an interesting one.
So far I have my favorite(#1, right in pic), the reason is in leaf shape and stem rub smell, it's a mint/pine combo I was always a fan of. If she turns out female, much better, that would be a keeper for sure.
The middle one is also interesting, looks kind of SSH to me. The left will have to develop more to find out if she qualifies as keeper or not.
More to come after sexing ;)



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I think I remember zif saying these are real stinkers.

Loud and really nice terps.

The best of mine was really strong, too, which is always fun.

I lost all but one to mother plant problems, but will revisit the hybrid, for sure!


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I am going to have to break down and figure out Bitcoin and order from breeders retail. Just have to! Lol :groupwave:
need this line.
seedbay had all this for a very short time before breeders retail started up again. I should have purchased more at the time. It seems breeders retail has everything I want atm. Tom hill haze, and these cultivators choice lines. Will also get more chimera.
Good info on these thanks!


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Bad teaser.

I suspect all three plants are males. Switched them in 12/12 to see how they develop. If all are males, I think one could be a lucky stud for my hazes which just started flowering.
Will be back soon with more details.