Show your autoflower pix


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Heres my latest auto flower buds. Fast Buds.
This one is close to harvest.

Auto flowers are in my opinion going to be the major future of cannabis because they grow bigger these days and they have more THC and the short growing time. So that would mean that outdoors you could harvest at least 2-3 times this season. Get a good harvest Indoors faster than photoperiods do.


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Autos are the only thing I have ever grown. I am new to this (first harvest this past spring)
however I am finding that these autos will do exactly what they say. I am using soil with coots mix.....nothing else except for well water. Using two 60w COBS
Here are a couple pics from my last 2 plants.
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Looks great, Magic. What selections/hybrids? Nicely done!
We use a similar organic soil mix, similar to Coots mix.


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Looks great, Magic. What selections/hybrids? Nicely done!
We use a similar organic soil mix, similar to Coots mix.

The purple one is a Fastberry from Fast Buds
The WW x BB is from Femaleseeds
The Grape Walker Kush is Mephisto

I do the 1/3 1/3 1/3 route. Sphangum peat moss with pearlite and earthworm castings.
I add the Coots mix per directions and then just water only.
It just seems so simple to me to not have to be worried about Ph etc etc.....genetics, good dirt, bright lights and water makes the candy man come..LOL


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Pics of my latest grow. I had 4 autoflowers in a 120x120 cm homebox, it took them 16 weeks to finish the cycle from seed to harvest. The lights were on the whole time, 24/0. I used 115 Watt TCI panels and the dry yield was measured at 281 grams.



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Thanks, I received Kush Auto fem seeds (Seedsman) 2 years ago, I liked the stuff and i pollinated it with one of my regular auto line. The plants on the picture came from the seeds i made, they are roughly 75% Kush auto and 25% Malana Bomb.


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Really, only 115W for a 120x120? Amazing!
You did a great job with the plants and got a very impressive yield for the watts used, congratulations!



grow tent 1x1x2, 4x cob 55w, 6L pots, 3x Tyrone special, 2x SODKxRipley"s OG, 2x thinmint crack. 1x sweet pure cbd





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some great looking pics guys!
this is actually my first year growing autos outdoors and im pretty happy with the results
this is obilisk by afterthought autos

i got off to a late start this year and only had a short window of time to grow outdoors, but these gals really came through

/thanks to aridbud of afterthought autos for steering me in the right direction my man!


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great looking plant, chato'
was she grown indoors?

thanks ab'
given the short season, im really impressed with the results
we started her in sept when most regular seed would be just about done in my area and we were really impressed with how fast she grew
she was super easy to grow and from the sample buds she is going to be a nice smoke
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Gas and Guns by Afterthought Autos at 74 days from germination. Two gallon pots in an E&F using GH 3-part under 130 watts of LEDs.