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Sup guys any info on shoreline. Been a while since I've smelled her in htiine. Been hunting down genetics....

zro - one deep for life ha!


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Jaws What's your take on her... she is a tough one to describe, best I can think of is a skunk astringent type chemical with the skunk turning into more of a gas smell later you take her with sumthin else mixed in...I've been back n forth with my opinion on this cut for some time now.. she is similar to cheese as they both r skunk plants but the shoreline has completely different look, like she has huge leaves that are almost always droopy like she's thirsty... other then branching she is nuthin like cheese cut... she is one of few cuts I like to take early ... flavor isn't the same once she goes over 9 wks... the roadkill is there if things are timed right...but it's a short window ... loud buds regardless but the gas astringent takes over...



i know what your working with over there, can you confirm that we are working the same piece ???...can you please throw up some pic's of what yours is looking like?.

i'm still waiting for the SKUNK not really getting it yet, i am how ever really liking the way she is starting to look and hoping she swells a bit before i chop..did not grow this one this round very big was just really wanting to get her going and get a look at what she really is..i have 8-9 1foot tall clones on deck to be grown out much bigger in the next run....

for you when did you start getting the SKUNK smell with yours ?.

i am feeding with GH THREE PART FLORO with some KOOL-BLOOM for a bud pusher..

the one in the pic above is being grown out in a three gallon container but has only been under a single 400 mh the HPS for the flowering process..i know the buds are not big but i think there decent for only being under a 400 all her life..

any knowledge would be great brother :tiphat:
Shoreline is a great cut to have but do not be fooled by Devils harvest Seeds. What they are selling is not shoreline nor is it a reverse of the Shoreline clone. Lol...Its like seeing a person put money in their purse but you take it upon yourself to steal the purse. Only to find out you stole the wrong purse. "OH CRAP" is the name of the clone that was reversed!


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This is a cut I missed evaluating vs 1978 skunk weed. From what I was told if there's no strong Skunk aroma its not Shoreline. Finding legit cuts of anything can be a chore today. The renaming drama that goes on would make your heads spin.