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Diary Shiva Grows


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this plant has two weeks left to finish. it never received more than 1.2 ec. it is now maturing and being fed 0.3 ec for a couple of days and then just water , and it is using up its own stored food reserves and sugars . rather than being pumped full of food . this is my cousins first ever grow and i'm just showing him how to grow . they are 6ft plants and decent colas

when it is ready it will be smooth and burn perfect . it would be hard for anyone to distinguish from organic to non organic

he has been a good student


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the other pheno of violeta . this one is more potent . it has balsamic aromas like the dark purple pheno but with musk and rubber tones to it aswell. the effects are comforting like the pck. Needs a cure .


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Good morning
How do you fast dry buds gently?
Like for a first taste when most buds are still maturing or dry...


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good morning squire . you can't .is the answer. u can use a straw and do a dry toke over a bud while its growing to hit the volatile terps and get a basic idea. you can't quick dry "gentle" . you can vape damp bud . i sometimes do that

i always hang my plants to do majoriy of its drying. i only start to use racks once they have lost most their moisture. you can smoke a tester after 6 days if you wanted to.
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i'm not much of an auto grower but i'm going to buy a 3 pack for outdoor or in a polytunnel next year to add to my options. any recommendations?

i will be growing outdoor next year peach x leb , paradise cheese x leb, 2 different parents early skunk x leb , kc brains t.n.r , royal caramel , early pearl , and purple pheno of violeta . i just want a few autos aswell as a saftey net or second crop option, what is good and not a hype job type?

Regarding autos I have read good things about Mephisto Seeds.

me too. they are always sold out i find and are very expensive too. i will see if stock is available and what the prices are these days . https://www.aceseeds.org/en/automalawinlfem.html

this looks promising

Depending on the headroom in your tent, this seems very enticing imho:

sativa dom autos for uk outdoor is best for me. hazes i like , but not so much the european haze. i have had far too much of it over the years .
I've grown autos for a few years outside in my small greenhouses, give some plants to friends or the finished weed.
This year i gave mephisto a go and was very pleased (ordered from their site). They are expensive but if you order three seeds you normally get 5 plus the freebies. One order I got 5+5 freebies equaled 10 plants, I've got a pack of the mango smile for next summer and like you say sativa dom is much better for our climate. Here's a couple of pics of a number 12 freebie...



And while I'm here....

Edit: this is on my spaceship's playlist when I'm touring the universe....
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