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Cherry Tiger may be my favorite

Made by doc D, its Golden Tiger x Cherry Cake
So, Malawi x Thai x NorCalGoo x Hawaiian indica x AK47 x Thunderfuck

Insanely potent, 4hr high
The Cherry flavored pheno is one of my favorites. Vibrant rainbow colors. Amazing nerve pain relief.

In the F2's I had made, I had some beautifully delicate smokes - mostly Malawi or Thai dom plants.
some of my best breeding work was with Cherry Tiger males and females.
F2 mom crossed to SuperSilverYomma x Goji x Goji made my paramount creation - Black Tara.

doc D used the same Malawi-dom Golden Tiger mother to make Tiger Claw - wherein doc used Congo x Kandahar from a Canadian breeder, Alchemist
Tiger Claw was more dominated by the father, especially in F2's and outcrosses. But they made some of the loudest plants.