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Hi Jtrich. Actually waiting time is long more than 1 week, ive been waiting 4 weeks a reply, and i still waiting. My problems are not about delays as you know. Please do not misunderstand me, i am very grateful for the service of these years and i hope everybody is safe there. But a estimated waiting time can help, hire more people, stop acepting new orders, new promotions, ect. in order to recover the service quality. Im really concerned about the future of my money, its easy to understand if new people get mad. again please dont misunderstand me, my best wishes to seedsman crew.


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Order cancelled even when payment done

Order cancelled even when payment done

Hi, I wanted to share my experience with Seedsman.
I used this seedbank multiple times and it always worked very well with some nice and fun freebies. They always answered fast and I never had any problem with shipping delays or anything else.

I totally understand that since March, Seedsman is experiencing problems and delays due to the Covid outbreaks.
However, now that I am trying to interact with them since more than 2 months without receiving anything else than automatic emails, I think this is complete BS!

I made an order in the beginning of April (Bodhi's Black Triangle which are relatively hard to found in Europe). I made the bank transfer before 14 days following my order and told them that I paid them. This is the only time I received an answer from a human telling me that they will send my order shortly. I waited a few weeks and came back to Seedsman to see what happenned to my order. It was cancelled without giving me any notice. But the best part was that they kept my bank transfer. They never refund me even since I am trying to contact them since then. They never came back to me to apologize nor anything of this sort.

Last week they restocked Black Triangle so I made a 2nd order before they were out of stock, telling customer support that I already made a bank transfer in April for an order they cancelled but never gave back the money to me. Almost a week after, I only received an automatic answer asking me if the customer support was helpful or not. No! the customer support was not helpful.

Honestly I don't feel like I am exagerating. I understand Covid, delays and all this kind of stuff. But keeping my hardly earned money without sending me any seeds and staying silent to all of my answers is BS!

Could you help me sort it out @J TricH?

Bubba Kushner

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Seedsman is a good company I have placed several orders but they just see overwhelmed by the combination of 420 and Covid.

I placed an order on 4/22 got it a month later not too bad considering


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My case is slightly different. i found males and hermis in 3 seedsman female strains. I had no problem with my other plants growing next. And after weeks waiting a reply from the support centre, they just say "no warranty in orders over 3 moths old" ... that was a surprise, hermaphrodite plants come from poorly selected parentals.
Now ive been waiting 10 weeks another order, my warranty is expiring and sadly, im pretty sure im gonna lost this money too.