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Heya all.

This is for all of you that have been testing, currently testing and hope to be a future tester. I just want to explain a few things. Testers are put out there by up and coming breeders and established breeders for a reason. This is to have their new wares documented thoroughly by a range of different growers with different grow styles. The cost of these testers and getting them to members has been covered by the breeders and by seedbay. It goes to say that when you are chosen to do a test grow that you are availble to start it ASAP on receipt of the beans and on ICMag. The number of test grows that are documented compared to the number of test beans that have been sent out has been in decline and recently has come to light that some deem it okay to do test reports on other forums. This is not acceptable as far as I am concerned.

Between ourselves and the breeders a lot of time and expense goes into sending out these testers and if there are not sufficient reports or reports go elsewhere then something has to change. I fully understand that there are many that honour their position to do tests. I also understand that there are many that just want free beans. So its time to start reigning in a bit. I will now have to document each member and what they get whilst checking up on proof of grows. Then it will be a matter of members that do not honour their position being struck off from future free test grow beans.

Test grows are done for the benefit of the breeder and the community. For those of you that have been consistent with your tests thank you very much for your time and efforts.



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Well said, Sir..

Glad to see this become a priority...
Seems to me the more successful test runs get done.
The more people will be interested in send tester packs out...

If we could simply get people on both sides to take testing seriously
we would all be working a win/win situation...

The damage done by taking a tester pack and not doing the work,Hurts the community as a whole and should be treated as such by all members. If you see a member sign up and receive a tester pack,then fails to run the seeds. I would urge fellow members to help him reconsider his hurtful ways... I mean really... It's 6 seeds... Sometimes more,sometimes less... Yet those 6 seeds have blood and sweat put into them,which takes money from a member to create and money from the member and seedbay to get them to you...

How much more could seedbay do for us here at the MAG.
They don't even charge you shipping for tester packs sent.
It's not as if it's free to ship them.

I hope we The ICmag community could stand up and police ourselves
when it comes to this subject and not need to ask
those at seedbay to do more than they already have...

Please... :tiphat:


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How about a forum badge for testers who complete threads? :D
Some of us are good about it!

The main reasons I do a testers for guys is to try to build a relationship with em for the future and some cred and rep among the community as well as try unique stuff. It disappoints me how many fellow testers I see never get a thread past a page or two, I like to compare notes from fellow testers. :eek: Its nice when you see a big range of beans popped and get grows done because you can also see alot of expressions.

Its nice when the breeder like ojd does pops in the thread from time to time and offers insight. It also feels pretty good when ya complete em!

P.S. I seen some guys come on here to get testers from the bay then put threads on other forums and not here. Thats shady.


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People who are serious, Please read this.

People who are serious, Please read this.

I think this debate should be left to strictly testers and breeders and of course the admins.

Then again is this a debate or new law coming into form, just an idea or a statement?

This is a serious matter as those who have received the love could potentially be using it to their own potential without providing proper credit completely changing the chain of one love the plant is about so what do we really do to choose testers or to have this done right?

Maybe some one should moderate testers and ensure the threads are active and including the proper information or content to sum it up. Breeders are breeders - not thread moderators.

Going into banning people right now is too late. In the future that is a potential consequence of being a flake - but lets establish a guideline/rule base to at least begin this properly and start a discussion on what sticks and what doesn't.

Testing is an opportunity to show case your skills and what hte breeder has all the while helping hte community by introducing new cannabis available to others.

Overall if this received a more professional approach and less of a stoner approach - this could be a great opportunity to raise ICMag on a whole new level - not just give testers and breeders the opportunity to be seen but the set the bar standard for this new era of cannabis.


Why would someone wanna stick their neck out to be a tester and then not follow through? Talk about burning one giant bridge down at one time! All that networking help and advise...down the drain!!! Your name and rep...down the drain!!! And many more drains to be downed lol

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Does Seedbay test seeds to be sold, to make sure they are not D or F grade????


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What would be the proper method of posting a grow? I started a grow journal on the Hortilab/Karma collaboration and I'll be damned if it didn't get booted for no post in 30 days.. So I'm not posting it in the right place?

thank you in advance sir fuzzy. :tiphat:


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ive dune 1 test grow, about to do another one. i may no be the best grower ,but I will grow them out . thanks for the chance to grow new stuff . thanks to the Breaders, Bay, Boo.


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any one that gets seeds and does not do the test grow as agreed should be banned.

its a win win situation for the tester the least they could do is maintain an accurate thread about it.

Yea I agree with this guy :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:, testers that don't follow through on there word should be banned from ICMag.

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