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Seed co bust in spain anyone know which?


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No good. I'll guess we'll find out soon.
Big player too. 20 million seeds found...


I know Dinafem are under judicial review so maybe it was them.This happened before the raid happened though.


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Probably one of the reasons some of those companies over ther have stopped sending to the USA.....probably bringing too much heat with all the parcels being stopped right now.


Screenshot from dinafem homepage :(



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I guess for now their stuff will be hard to get, nobody knows about the future. Forever is a big word! I found another source for you, costly but check your PM

Gypsy Nirvana

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- some big figures in that Spanish report - I am mourning the 20 million seeds - taken out of circulation - with around 60k-80k seeds in one kilo - that's quite a few kilos of seeds lost - and probably will never be grown - what a waste -

- my thoughts and sympathies are also with the owners of the business - and all the workers/growers who benefited from this industry - who are now much worse off -

Gypsy Nirvana

Recalcitrant Reprobate -
Sounds like some serious profit margins...

why bother to steal electricity....

- probably some satellite seed growers connected to the main distribution hub somehow - that's just speculation - but have seen it before - and now-a-days must be harder to do with all these 'smart' electricity controllers etc -

H e d g e

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Anyone know if ace seeds is ok? Dubi- I have most of your catalog in the fridge, happy to send some back to you if you need them to get started up again?


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Damn, I didnt think that would happen in Spain. Am a fan of some of hso's stuff, will have to get a few packs in. I did their fast ogk outside this year and it was awesome, not a single bit of mould despite plenty of rain, best outdoor strain I've tried.

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