Search for the Holy Grail


New member
i read here for a while now and like to introduce me to the forum.

I smoke cannabis since over 30 years and grew it a few times. First time 30 years ago as a student with daylight and a neon light.
Than when covid started i finally got growing in a small closet. Up to now i grew several strains and feel to understand weed better than ever.
Started with some fem hybrids and the ones i like and wanna grow again.
I was looking up the ancestors of that hybrids i liked and was interested in finding the holy grail strain for me.
Quit smoking and to start vaping i'm going down the rabbithole of tasty terpenes.
In the running grow i have one pure indica and one nearly pure sativa in the microgrow.

Growing became my new hobby and other than that i like to bike, swim and dance.
I'm interested in reading and sharing strain experiences with you.