Sea Solids make plants EXPLODE in hydro!!



word to that, this is a very interesting thread been popping in for months now, keep up the good work osirica good to see someone growing how they want to.


yea i am still using them..

i just setup a new room and started 17 fem GH cheese, and slowly building a krusty
grow in the basement costing more then I thought it was going to..

As of now i am using sea minerals still but with all the salt removed so its just concentrated sea minerals.. I got it from the health food store.. i got the full spectrum blend 99% percent of the salt removed nothing added just concentrated sea goodness, so its just the goodies completely water soluble in ionic form..

I plan on running the seaminerals with the salt in the last 2 weeks of flowering to add extra stress to raise the potency!..

I am a firm believer sea minerals specifically with salt makes weed more potent! Everyone that has smoked this weed says its some of the strongest.. and my friends have all been smoking 15years+, and half them don't even know i am the grower..

This round i am trying some things different..

This time no salt/sodium just sea minerals..
Then I am going to extract out ORMUS elements from the seasalt/minerals so its super concentrated and feed the plants this concentrated ORMUS extract..

So i will be feeding..

PBP - tiny portions
Guano - regular dosage
Sea Minerals with the salt removed
Homemade Concentrated ORMUS M-state elements.. no one has ever done this hydroponically on forums..

We will see the outcome soon, plants are 1 week old currently and about to explode.. Will finish building the room and take pics..

Will start to feed the ORMUS today after i am done extracting it! :rasta:
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I can't wait to see the ORMUS. Do you have a method of extracting your own, or purchase it?

Did you see that guys walnuts he grew with it?!!!! Apples!


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I love this thread, great work so far man!! :jump:

I bought sea-90 and the sea salt after reading and started my 5th grow in hydro under a Ceramic Metal Halide bulb (which are also kickass).

Let me just say that the results speak for themselves! My widows are healthier, greener, and more vigorous than ever before. Its crazy, i know this stuff is the future of growing.

Plus, more organic and less chemicals is always a plus in my book.

Anyway, keep us updated with your endeavors :rasta:


turbolaser4528 said:
Let me just say that the results speak for themselves! My widows are healthier, greener, and more vigorous than ever before
turbolaser, are you using just sea-90?
at the recommended tsp/gallon dosage??


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Where you at Osiris?

I see you are making your own ORMUS. Wet method?

I'm very keen to start trials here. So... Web is full of space cases, got any ormus recipes/sites of folks who don't think ormus is the path of ascendancy to God...?


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osirica420 said:

Another moron with his head up his ass and a big ego, that dont know shit about what he is talking about!!


Hmmmm.......just take it with a pinch of salt..(scuze the pun)

I ask myself..
where do MJ plants grow the best...
On the beach ..? or in the mountains...?

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JackKerouac said:
Been to Hawaii or Spain lately?

Hehe...No !!!.........Geez i wish... ive searched some beach growing plants.
I learn something new everyday..!
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Absolutely a great read !!!!
but i like a word from Brother Monk on his outcome....
so this seaminerals thing ya been using how does it come, is it in capsules, loose, in liquid?
and how much do you use of the sea minerals?


it'll be feed to my two week old seedlings in coco by the end of the week. Osrico, put me on and i've actually seen and heard good things from it myself.

Osrico, i'm going to try and hold this thread down while ur not around cuz i really believe in the benefits of natural products and an overall natural life :joint:


blue mountain organics-guano teas veg and bloom, their super plant tonic and foliar feed. humboldt honey and molasses(same thing i might add) here and there. einstein leaf shine for the potential pest, but nothing as of now plus, i have a lone lady bug patrolling the premises :joint:


Had to keep it low for a while and close down things.. Now back to biz..

Just started some seeds I made and some Quick Mist Diesel from Rez..

Will be feeding Sea Minerals and PBP again in a coco/compost mix outdoors
got a spot that has all day light will give partial at first...

I will run 1 or 2 with just sea minerals and coco.. no compost or pbp..

I am using a sea water extract that has alot of sodium removed...
I have been using it on my tomato and chilli seedlings and they are coming up
great they are in 70/30 coco/compost and being feed just sea minerals as of
now, but i will end up doing half with pbp and other just sea minerals at higher

thanks for holding it down dirtyshawa.. there are many benefits to ionic
minerals from the ocean, the majority of the population is malnutrioned due
to lack of minerals in water and food.

Will be posting pics as soon as seedlings come above ground....
Here is a very good trace mineral product i have been using..


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glad to see you back. ah..... the irony, and my thalassa mix just arrived to day. about to feed em right now. 1tsp(1/4 strength) and half strength veg nutes.



Yea bro u can take it up to 2000ppm and use only half of the amount of your normal GH feeding..

Dr Murray Maynard used chem nutes with his seaminerals and had EXCELLENT results!!

All my seeds popped they should be above ground by tommorow..

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